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  • I'm a little behind on this thread, but I do Christine Salus workouts on YouTube, as well as Jessica Smith!! Both are great!!!
  • Oh wow. I do this to! I thought I was just so overly tired lol.
  • Oh my word!!! That's when I'll have a bit of some chocolate too lol!! I love the Ghirardelli 80% dark chocolate. It's one of my main weaknesses!! Along with ice cream and most other not so good foods! I soooo look forward to my cheat days every week :smile: I must admit, though, that on some days, when my kids have been…
  • I think a good combination of everything is what really helps. For me, the only time I saw a real change in my cellulite is when I did weight lifting.....light weights do not count. I lift as heavy as I can and I have never bulked up. The shape of my body improved a lot and I am fitting into clothes I have not been able to…
  • I think cardio is extremely boring too! It's hard to get motivated when I need to do it. I've been doing hiit fitness blender videos on YouTube and Christine Salus videos in YouTube also. I don't find them as boring to do. Maybe you'll like them to!
  • Faeriesue1... Wow! What a major difference. I think that is awesome! I have the same problem with my legs being the worst part. What did you do related to your exercise/diet?? I could really use the help!
  • Go for a run when/if you stop at a hotel and some other body weight strength exercises
  • Thank you, everyone! It is so nice to be able to come on here and vent a little a d receive support and honesty! I should have made a better choice, but not I know for the future. Good thing is, since I know I tend to stress eat and I am trying you shape up, I can remember how nasty that burger made me feel and I'm going…
  • OMG this made me laugh! I have out eaten my husband on a few occasions! Mom and Pop restaurants are THE BEST! There are a few around me that I love! I am sure tomorrow, since it is my son's 2nd bday, I will indulge just a little bit...I'm not going to skip my workout though! I might just do one of those 1,000 calorie burn…
  • Haha! Thank you, I didn't know that lol.
  • I tried cutting out the gluten because I think it was making me bloated and irritable. I did the same for meat because sometimes, after I eat it, I feel kind of bloated also. Maybe it is in my head lol! I have been trying a more vegetarian approach, although not everyday because I am not a vegan by any means. I feel…
  • Ya'll are awesome!! ....Yes it probably was just an excuse to eat a burger and fries that I have not had in a while, but I know to make better choices next time. Wish I would have remembered those times that I felt awful after eating it.... I know that I can make better choices next time, but for some reason, I just felt…