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  • Heyy what do you guys do for workout? I want to gain weight but not loose it through my workouts. Any ideas send em here ! :)
  • In! Aim to gain 15lbs of healthy fat/and muscle. What have you women been doing to help this process?
  • Thanks guys for the tips! I've been testing different protein powders but can't seem to find a decent one. Either tastes too grainy or not a good flavor... any suggestions on product brands?
  • Yes I'm definetly trying to gain weight. A good 15 lbs at least. Does anyone have some good tips? I've been eating more meals, and adding in shakes to increase my calories because trying to fit 2500+ calories in one day is not always easy on the go. Also, does anyone know of an equivalent programme to weight watchers/Jenny…
  • Soo motivating seeing all these responses! I really like that smoothie recipe. But question for everyone: is whey protein and all that powdered supplement stuff, are they healthy and natural for your body?? Always thought they we're very synthetic but I can be very wrong! I'm enjoying drinking ensure plus I find it is…
  • Wow I love these replies! Good to see other people in the same boat haha. I haven't been working as hard on my goals lately, but don't let that discourage any of a you keep going! You all can do it
  • Hey I'm in the exact same journey as you, and know exactly what you're talking about when people say 'oh my gosh you're soo small!' Many people have suggested ensure plus as a extra supplement, along with high calorie smoothies. Eating a lot during the day to maintain calories and protein I think is necessary... Seems to…
  • Love the advice thanks ladies! Will definitely try ensure plus. As well as other high calorie smoothies!