Weight gain journey

Unlike the majority of folks on a diet, mine is specifically a weight gain (yes, gain!) diet. I will be starting a diet to gain weight around 15-20 extra pounds. I am a small person in general so I know I can't become that big, but just a little extra meat would do me good.

Anyone else on the same struggle as myself?? Leave a comment with tips and advice!


  • princesasade
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    Hi Cassandra. I'm also trying to gain weight. I'm 5ft5" and 111lbs. I started 19 days ago @ 108lb. So far drinking my calories seems to help. You csn try drinks like ensure plus or boost plus. It helps add calories when your not really hungry
  • Shay726
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    Yes i second that im a big fan of ensure plus..has 350 cals and good amt of protein. Also whole milk. My struggle is eating alot at once so eating throughout the day and logging it here heloing tremendously. Im also doing a weight gain challenge with a few others here which helps me to stay focused.
  • Love the advice thanks ladies! Will definitely try ensure plus. As well as other high calorie smoothies!
  • moneyjessicar
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    Hey Cassandra, I know what you mean, I have a similar goal. I'm 24, 5'7" and 110lbs and my goal is to gain 15-20lbs. Most of the women in my family are tall and skinny so I'm working against genetics. These are some great tips! Smoothies are a fav :smile:

    What kind of workouts do you all do to help gain weight but not bulk up?
  • Malesi2015
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    Hello! I'm two days in to trying to gai some weight. I come from a family of curvy (african) women so being tall and skinny takes its toll.I dont imagine I'll put on loads and loads of weight but just a little extra would be great! My struggle is eating a lot in one sitting so my plan for the next few weeks is to snack more and essentially have more than 3 meals a day and I'm just looking to have a few people on fitnesspal to chat to through this and to....learn from I guess!
  • miriams121
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    Hi My name is Mia I have been in and off .. I got sick and lost 4 lbs and now Im trying to regain those pounds and add 10 more I stated at 114 im at 124 right now.
    I have tried everything I usually drink a shake in the morning and one at night .
    Each shake with more than 600 calories to intake
  • Wow I love these replies! Good to see other people in the same boat haha. I haven't been working as hard on my goals lately, but don't let that discourage any of a you keep going! You all can do it
  • NikaBlake
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    Hi Cassandra! I always have to pause and reiterate like 'yes people I said I want to gain weight' haha. It feels so good to see that I'm not nuts and there are plenty other out there like myself. I'm not unhealthily thin, at least every doctors check-up tells me I'm completely healthy, but I would simply like to feel a little stronger and just fill out my clothes a little better :joy:
    I just began my 2nd attempt at this today so do not have much to give in the way of advice...but wish you ladies the best of luck!!! :smiley:
  • KeepGood
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    Hey all 'gainers' :smile: There are many people on here looking to gain weight. Being someone that struggles with eating the amount of calories I need to gain I find drinking calories much easier. Whole milk is my saviour (370cal per pint). Pistachios are my next one for boosting calories. Nuts in general are really good, full of protein and healthy fats. If anyone needs a super boost, it's easy to make a shake that fits the bill. I just posted a simple one in another thread just last night. It was...

    30g Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
    50g Ultra Fine Oats
    450ml Whole Milk
    125g Peanut Butter

    Total calories = 1326

    That one is handy if you are trying to get a lot of protein.

    Good luck everyone :smile:
  • KyraJDread
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    Hello Queens! I've been struggling to gain weight my entire life. I'm 33 years old and I have a Sun who is 4. My weight goes up and down so much I get dizzy LOL. My goal is to gain and maintain a weight of 145-150. I'm currently about 123 so I have a lot of work to do. Working out is a pain for me, but I've noticed that I tend to gain more weight when I workout versus when I don't, I guess exercising triggers hunger which helps to eat more calories. I do light workouts like Yoga & squats; enough to get my heart rate up but not enough to bust a serious sweat or burn killer calories. I try to eat heavy before bed (high carb and protein), and snack as much as possible throughout the day. Taking a multivitamin daily also helps increase hunger for me. I guess all in all I've realized that it's all trial and error. You shouldn't expect to see results fast and patience is everything. Good luck in your journey.
  • NikaBlake
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    KeepGood wrote: »

    30g Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
    50g Ultra Fine Oats
    450ml Whole Milk
    125g Peanut Butter

    Total calories = 1326

    I make a similar shake...tastes like heaven
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    I make coconut oil squares to snack on.
    Melt 80 grams of coconut oil, stir through a scoop of protein powder and add powdered PB2 or mixed chopped nuts and seeds. Flatten the mix out on a baking sheet and place it in the fridge.
    Loads of calories but with a great fat/protein ratio.
    Takes 5 minutes.
  • Opoku1
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    Hello. I too am on a weight gain journey. I am 5'3" and currently weigh 129lbs (started at 115lbs). I noticed that weight training was the only way that I can truly gain and maintain my weight. I also drink Boost Very High Calorie (available via Amazon) at least twice a day. Each carton has about 530 calories and includes protein. Doesn't taste bad and affordable. My current goal is at least 2500 calories a day...we shall see. I want to be 137lbs by the end of December.
  • Soo motivating seeing all these responses! I really like that smoothie recipe. But question for everyone: is whey protein and all that powdered supplement stuff, are they healthy and natural for your body?? Always thought they we're very synthetic but I can be very wrong!

    I'm enjoying drinking ensure plus I find it is helping but very slowing, night try boost see which one I prefer. So hard eating more than 2000 calories a day!!