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  • How many calories are in those smoothies?
    in Smoothies Comment by catgil554 July 2017
  • Well done on your weight loss. Imagine how you will feel when another 2st is gone:) I'm from the UK and if I were you I would go and see my GP and explain exactly how much weight you have lost and how you have achieved it. It may be that you are straining your back. Too much too soon. Don't let him/her fob you off. BTW I'm…
  • Thank you. I needed encouragement x
  • I've bookmarked those pages and will read when I've more time. Yep starting gently sounds good. I'm still very supple because I'm double jointed so bending and stretching comes easily to me!!!
  • I've never been a pop drinker. Just still water or tea with skimmed milk and no sugar. I come from a slim family and I never realised I was overweight...silly as that may seem, I just never saw it. I was too busy getting on with life so it came as a big shock when the doctor told me I was obese. I was cross with the kids…
  • I'll give it a go...thanks
  • I will continue to try and lose another stone as my doctor tell me I'm still overweight. I'm 5'4 so the top weight I should be is 10st. I use HRT patches for my symptoms so hot flushes are not too bad. It's the sleepless nights, laying in bed overthinking things that depresses me the most. I feel like a zombie most days:(
  • What are core exercises? The only exercise I do is walking. I work in an office so I'm sat most of the day. Are there any exercises I can do at home? Edit.... sorry I don't know how to add people!
  • Unfortunately I measured myself in July 2015 and my waist was 33ins exactly the same today. I've lost inches from everywhere else. I think I look an odd shape now and I've actually bought a cardigan a size larger so I can cover it up:(
  • Thanks for that. Makes sense! Tell me what are planks?