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  • Yes, absolutely. I gained weight and snores, lost it and stopped snoring.
  • Had to find this and link it after the Ambrosia advert. More West Country fineness :)
  • Bottom line, if you aren't losing weight and you don't have a medical issue, is that you are eating too much. The questions being asked are trying to figure out where your theory as to how much you can eat has gone wrong, so that you can make the right corrections to it. 600 Cala per workout, if your eating was spot on,…
  • Can you show your calculations there? If we ignore the hiking for now, then you need your "normal maintenance" plus breast feeding allowance to not move the scales a jot. So, if we put that at 300, and assume your normal maintenance is around 2000 then you have 2300. To lose a pound you need a 3500 calorie deficit. Saying…
  • First, let's not start the bunkum about low calories and metabolism on someone who is trying for 1200 and 3 weeks in. Secondly, you really should should read a thread before spouting your holier than thou workout sermon. Having MS is not like faking a letter from your mum to get out of gym. OP - if you are genuinely seeing…
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  • All this on the carrots. What happens when you cook them? They go from crunchy, fresh loveliness to sweet and squashy. So wrong. Fruit as a sweet - oh, yes, feed me alllllll those fruits! Fruit as part of anything savoury? Get behind me, Satan!
  • Pre-sliced Soreen. 60 cals per slice. Chewy loveliness!
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  • Same here. First scale loss today since Christmas Eve after regular loss before. All I can say is water and a little (maybe a lb) of Christmas weight, hormones, cold weather and keep the faith if you are sure you are still logging as previously.
  • In which case the Joe Wicks element is irrelevant, the keeping of a calorie deficit is what matters. Removing fat or reducing carbs is all woo.
  • My thoughts are why are you on MFP if you are asking about another method? MFP is all about CICO by logging. Joe Wicks and SW are not. They are about selling their brand of "diet".
  • Well done on 2kg Now: 2 weeks is nothing. You will sometimes go for several weeks without a shift, then have a big loss, then perhaps a few weeks of slower or normal loss. It isn't linear and don't panic. Your metabolism HAS NOT shifted. It really won't. Your body won't "hold onto fat", nor will it enter the mythical…
  • Of course! A bit of interpretive dance in a traffic queue is most satisfying!
  • Now what is it with Christmas cookies? Are they a certain sort of biscuit or are they just decorated festively? We don't do them in the UK. Here are very UK mince pies the kids (4 & 9) made earlier in the week though - yum!
  • What's fascinating in this thread are the differences in what is "traditional" Christmas food depending on where folk are. I am playing guess the location by what people are eating (or avoiding).
  • 5'8" female, lost about 80lbs since the start of March this year. I do about 1200 per day, and that's given me an average loss of just a touch under 2lbs/week, starting faster and very gradually slowing (as you'd expect). I am pretty sedentary with sporadic activity.
  • We are veggie and usually I spend ages creating some suitable veggie centrepiece that goes with the usual roast elements because a Christmas lunch isn't right without Brussels, yorkies and roasties with lashings of gravy. However it takes me away from the kids and the other half for a good 2-3 hours on Christmas Day. So,…
  • Ey up! Oi oi saveloy! Right on, me 'ansom!
  • A veggie hot one on a thin base from chains Potato & artichoke from a place in Edinburgh Or just loads of veg, chillies, olives and artichokes if making at home.
  • How are you with mince pies? These are small, calorie dense and everywhere so you can happily swipe a few from communal boxes as and when and that will help over the next couple of weeks at least!
  • Nonsense. Snacks are great if they fit in your calories / macros. "Clean" is nothing more than a buzzword and has zero impact on weight loss.
  • Prawn Tom Yam soup is a delight and remarkably low calorie. Have a Google for recipes or check your supermarket or Asian shops for a spice paste.
  • I'd go for Creme Egg - 150 Approx 100g of brownie - 450 A Flake's worth of crumb - 170 Chocolate coating - allow another 150 So...might as well log 950 to be sure. Eek!
  • I've discovered, to my utter surprise, that just referring to the milk in my coffee, I consume fewer calories if I use the whole milk that we have in the fridge for the kids. I usually use semi-skimmed or, preferably, soya wholebean, but we had run out of both. I am such a dreadful house keeper. So, forced to steal the…
  • Yes, the mince pies are in the shops already and folk are starting to indulge. I think the worst issue is that everyone buys ALL the things and enough of them to feed an army, and then indulge for a good solid week, with parties etc on top.
  • Pepsi Max or Coke Zero. Diet Coke is ok at a real stretch and with a side order of Grumbling.
  • Oh yes! It is so much cheaper for us to plan and buy online. When I don't do it and we buynin fits and spurts in person we have more waste and spend more. I'm in the UK and use Sainsbury's. I pay £60 for deliveries for a whole year, but if I didn't use that much money's worth of delivery services I would get back the…
  • I think the "Christmas is only one day" stuff is a bit of a regional variation. Certainly traditionally in the U.K. it is NOT just one day, but arguably 3 days, with NYE/Hogmanay coming hot on the heels. The absence Thanksgiving here means Christmas is, in general, a Much bigger deal than I have experienced in the US, and…