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  • Hi! 20 years old, full-time student, part-time fashion business intern. I'm with ya! I have around 20 lbs left to lose! We're in this together :)
  • I love both. When I'm away at college I'll go to the gym there, but at home I'll take it to jogging outside, lifting weights, etc. I love home workouts the most because I prefer to do things on my own time, by myself. For people with social anxiety, home workouts can truly be a lifesaver as gyms can make those kinds of…
  • Of course, dieting habits can vary from person to person. A lot of people do not understand the difference between counting calories and restricting calories. I try to eat as many (good) calories as possible, after coming off a bad relationship with food constantly restricting how much I ate, even if it was all the good…
  • When I first started out losing weight last year, I had one cheat day a week. But now that I'm starting to get closer to my goal weight, any "forbidden" food that I eat can easily put on the extra pound. It is really up to the person and how their bodies react to being fed this food after doing so well for so long. It can…
  • All options can be healthy depending on what foods you eat from that category. Vegan can quite possibly be the healthiest lifestyle on the planet, as those who are vegan eat the foods that, naturally, human beings were made to eat (fruits and veggies). However, protein-based diets have come out on top to help people lose…
  • Intervals! That's what made me find a love for running (I used to hate it). I do about a 5-10 minute warm-up walk, and start a 2-min jog... go back to walking for a few minutes, and pick up the jogging again. So, I'm still getting the workout in and getting the heart pumping, but also not taking it to an extreme where I…
  • For me, it was about a week. Imagine this: I used to consume 1 large caramel macchiato from Starbucks in the morning and have 4 grande sized caramel macchiatos throughout the day. The detox was awful, but so worth it. It's so much more rewarding not having to depend on so much coffee! You can do it! Water is your best…
  • I've had mine for almost a year! Feel free to add me. :) www.fitbit.com/user/3NKQR2
  • I'm in! Love a good walk.
  • Add me! I'm new to this app and I would love new friends and more motivation. :)