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  • Go with the food scale. I've been using it for about a week in half and in seeing a payoff. Lost 3 pounds in that time. With everything you eat, in grams if possible
    in Stuck Comment by edoll61 May 2016
  • I tend to agree. That crap gave me the jitters really bad and I just didn't feel right. If you feel it's working for you then I guess so what you think is best, but I think it's a scam personally.
    in Hydroxicut Comment by edoll61 May 2016
  • Don't give up. I'm 318 pounds and know the struggle like so many. I've fallen off the wagon countless times, but I see it as motivation to try harder. A trick I use is to drink a ton of water. When I'm really feeling it, I pound a 16 ounce cup of water and it fills me up for a short while. Also you gotta get the crap food…
  • I'm a night shifter as well and I've had my share of issues, but I'm trying to make some adjustments. The hardest part for me is adjusting my food schedule. Basically, when I get home I have a good, healthy breakfast, sleep for about 6-7 hours and have a small snack when I wake up. I consider dinner my lunch and my "lunch"…
  • So maybe the estimate wasn't that far off after all. Still going to try and go lower
  • I honestly have not, but I am adjusting my calorie intake for sure. Leaning towards around 1800-2200. And in pretty sure my BMI is not good, lol. I'm 5'11
  • That's the plan now. No exceptions
  • Absolutely! I'll figure something out
  • Well, it's obvious what I'm doing isn't working, so I'm comfortable consulting the opinions of those who might know better. Weighing what I do shows I'm no weight loss expert, so I'm happy to take advice from those who have had success. Appreciate it.
  • I'm very careful to not use wrong entries. My scale is in ounces, which still is pretty easy to use and convert when necessary.
  • I realized my scale is in ounces, but it's not hard to convert. I think it will make a difference
  • Really appreciate the advice everyone. I think I know the changes I need to make and I'm feeling better about seeing results in the coming weeks. The biggest thing I'll have to get used to is the effects of eating less than usual. Going to take a few days to get used to it
  • That's what my new goal is now, if not lower. Making some adjustments
  • The calorie goal has me really confused, but I put in my numbers on a few different weight loss calculators and it came up with a similar number. I'm not sure how that's calculated.
  • Fair point. Never really thought there would be any significant margin of error from the label. Good advice
  • You're likely right. The amount of food or recommends seems really high and I often struggle to meet the calorie goal due to trying to keep my fats and sugars in check. Maybe I do just need to be more meticulous.
  • I'm keeping to the serving sizes on the labels, which includes using cups to measure as well as the scale. I use that often for my meats. Even if it's not down to the exact gram on some items, it's a miniscule difference. I'm talking say a carrot stick or two or an ounce of milk. Forgive my ignorance, how do you share your…
  • My calorie goal is about 2900 and some change a day. I'm usually 3-400 below that. I'm also below my fat intake and sugar intake everyday as well. I record nearly everything I eat. With the exercise, I'm not sedentary by any means. I walk a ton at work everyday and do might workouts at home. I'm wondering if working…