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  • Did hard physical work all day long and had calories left for candy... Pre=logged it and everything... Got to drinking my tea and playing my video game... and forgot to eat it. I FORGOT to eat chocolate?!? Did the pod people come for me, or what?
  • I have the flu - so I can't work out with my trainer....and I really can't go out much. But, so far, I haven't used it as an excuse to eat everything in the house and I haven't gained any weight.
  • Well, I made it back to Onderland... finally. Now, my goal is to drop below 195, again. Unfortunately, I have SEVERAL of these mini-goals to break thru before I get back to my old low.
  • @springlering62 - Bless her heart. You are a miracle, Honey - Not because of what you were - but because of what you ARE. Hugs!
  • A gym isn't a requirement - a lot of people do just fine with walking as exercise. The trick is to get up off the couch for a while, every day. Do SOMETHING for 30-60 minutes a day that involves body movement - walking, house cleaning, dancing - whatever. Just move. If you work up a sweat, so much the better. The bulk of…
  • I spent most of my life over 300 lbs - way over for a lot of it. So, I was quite accustomed to being heavy and working my way through the world. I always had a fairly good level of confidence. But, when my clothing size dropped to something like 22 it was like I appeared out of thin air. Suddenly, people held doors, made…
  • The community is the best part! Glad you have found it, and great work on maintaining!
  • Give it time. whatever might be looser than you would like, now, should tighten up a bit over time. I might take as much as a year or more to do it, so don't be too discouraged. Looks like you have the advantage of youth - so, your likelihood for skin tightening is pretty good.
  • Rightfully proud! Go Quik!
  • I am shaped like a diamond. Tiny ankles and wrists - visible collar bones - Big round belly and butt. *sigh* Eventually, the belly will go away. I am focussing on glutes to try and maintain the booty, while losing the belly in the front. Thankfully, I still have some womanly attributes - so I am hoping for an hourglass…
  • My Boss/Friend noticed before I did... lol. My hubby was in a wheelchair after a surgery - and I had gotten more than the normal amount of exercise over the prior few months. She asked me if I was losing weight and my response was "not on purpose." Went to the doc for my annual physical shortly after that and discovered I…
  • Flexibility happens over time - try to be patient with yourself. Good luck!
  • I feel you on the "I'll just get back to what worked" thought and then the failure to really do it. I don't know if it's burnout, or complacency, or what - but, I can barely force myself to behave for any extended period of time, these days. I am still exercising - thank goodness it's become a habit for me - so at least…
  • I have a goal Clothing Size - 6. Not sure if that will be the final goal - but that's the initial one. The number on the scale is so random - it changes from one day to the next and is heavily impacted by lean muscle mass, so - size six could weight 140 or 165... definitely a size.
  • Hey, that bar weighs 45 pounds - I was totally stoked when I was able to bench the bar without assistance! I still only bench the bar + 10... Working on that upper body strength! You GO, girl!
  • When you get on an airplane and they are giving you the safety spiel - what do they always say? PUT YOUR OWN OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST. You can't be there for anyone else if you fail to save yoursefl. It took me a LOTof years to learn this lesson... try to do better than I did. Hugs!
  • Honestly, it's been a REALLY long time since I was 360 - like 15 years - but I can't remember thinking there was any huge difference in the kind of bra I am wearing. I have always favored not a lot of padding - never needed any - and I still go for stretch lace and underwire for daily wear. I just know in the smaller band…
  • *balancing on one foot* Hey Guys... 76 lbs since I arrived at MFP... 183 lbs since my heaviest - many moons ago.
  • My response would have been "No, the exercise will undo the donut. That's why we WALKED here."
  • Anecdotal evidence... I started at 42DDD - and so far, kept the triple D - just moved down in band size to 36. I am no where near finished, yet - so they could still vanish, but, so far, the girls are hanging in there. I started at 360 - currently around 180 - working toward 140. I think it has a lot to do with genetics...…
  • @WandRsmom has got it going on! Look at those thigh muscles! You go, Girl!
  • I had seriously swollen ankles - my doc told me it was Lymphedema and I started wearing compression stockings. They helped immensely - even before I lost weight. Now I wear compression pantyhose - because they don't leave a ring around my knee...and I have pretty normal sized ankles. Alas, as a super-morbidly obese person…
  • I am a firm believer in exercise - it works FOR ME - but, I do know that you can't out exercise a bad diet... so - go for it. Once your injury is resolved, you will be able to get back to it, but you won't immediately puff up if you stop to heal. Work the diet, always. Exercise when and how you can.
  • High cholesterol - gone. Good cholesterol - up. "Pre-Diabetic" no more. Off all prescription medication. Can you say "Quality of Life?" Sure you can!
  • Don't you just love actually having a lap? I know it was a revelation for me! Great work!
  • Lil Coffee and Cream Later on, I will be Lil Grilled Beef.
  • *Hugs* Sorry you have had so much dumped on you... and I know re-gaining is just another stressor... Here's something you might try - just as a quick tension release - in addition to the great advice, above. Got a hammer? Got an old piece of wood - or some stone that you don't mind breaking? The next time you feel yourself…
  • Habit trumps motivation. If you make it a HABIT, you will continue to do it. so - tough it out long enough for it to become habit, and you are golden. Don't bother with anything that you can't continue for the rest of your life (or not too MANY things) - because once you stop, you regain the weight. I don't bother with…