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  • Fridge-- chicken breasts, yogurt, milk, salad mixes, cheese, flavored seltzers, butter, protein bars( I live in Arizona and they melt in the cabinet.), applesauce. Freezer-- all kinds of frozen veg, ice cream, extra flours for baking, chocolate for baking, home made broths, turkey breasts, breakfast sandwiches and sausages…
  • All "detox" teas are either diuretics or laxatives. There is no reason to drink them unless you like the flavor, and then drink only occasionally. Be careful if one of the first ingredients is senna since this is a laxative.
  • I pinched my sciatic 1 year ago. While getting that diagnosed, I was told I have 2 bulging disks and needed cortisone shots to relieve the pain. I had the shots in March and have been mostly a couch potato since. During this time. I only gained 3 pounds and I have just started to be able to walk around the grocery stores.…
  • Look up vegan breakfasts. There are a lot of egg substitutes used there, I have a dairy allergy and understand how hard it is. Also if you get french bread recipes, there are no eggs or dairy in most of them.
  • I live in Arizona and use my electric roaster at least 3 times a week. I keep it in the garage laundry room and use it there without heating the house to cook dinner. My son uses the immersion blender every day for his smoothie and of coarse my digital scale gets used several times a day especially now for holiday baking.
  • When you start exercising, you retain water to help repair your muscles. You usually lose it after a rest day.
  • I don't know your height but you should put in your stats and eat what MFP gives you. I eat 1800 at 205 to maintain because of an injury. I am 5 ft 6 in.
  • make cold cut sandwiches with the bread separate. you can get single serve packs of mustard and mayo too. I like to use hummus instead of mayo for a protein boost. if you do wraps, they don't have to be separate since the tortilla doesn't get soggy like bread. You could also use crackers instead of bread for a change.
  • I like the coke zero sugar better than the coke zero. I have never been a fan of coke (bad experience as a child) but when diet pepsi changed their formula I tried other kinds. I couldn't drink the plain coke zero but could handle the cherry zero and the vanilla zero. I tried he coke zero sugar to see what the change was…
  • I am allergic to dairy and shellfish. My son has crones. I would look into vegan cookbooks for dairy free and egg free. There are several cookbooks that do the top 7 allergens. You might be able to find them in the library since gluten free and vegan are popular right now. Good Luck.
  • All pasta that I have seen is dry measure. Amount per serving could change with brands but, that is correct for the brand I buy for 1 serving.
  • If you are going to try the alternative flours you HAVE to use different recipes. They WON'T WORK in regular recipes because of the way they absorb liquid. The taste isn't the same either. With coconut flour, you will ALWAYS have a coconut taste. This isn't bad but you have to get used to it.
  • I understand COMPLETELY what you are going through. I ended up with bed bugs when the apartment next to me was rented and it took almost 4 months to get rid of them. Then I got them 2 more times before we could move out and into a house of our own. When we moved, We got rid of EVERY upholstered thing. I washed every piece…
  • Check out the web pages for menus. Find out the things that will fit in your calories and enjoy them. At least you CAN eat out, I'm allergic to milk and makes eating out VERY hard (Who knew there is milk in grilled chicken?)
  • You can eat everything you used to eat, just eat less to stay in your calorie goal. You have to decide if what you want to eat is worth the calories or not. I just finished eating some oreos after dinner. I have maintained my 100 pound loss since Dec.
  • You don't need any exercise to lose weight, just a calorie deficit. But I would look into some chair exercises for the time being to keep your muscle tone. I injured my back in Dec and have been maintaining since to try to heal the best. I tried to start back with the exercise program I had been on, and just aggravated the…
  • I never had ANY symptoms of menopause except that my periods stopped. I was 46 at the time. I'm now 60 and have never had any symptoms and only 3 periods since they stopped. If you are worried, see your doctor, but I wouldn't worry much.
  • You can sub lentils for ground meats in most recipes. I have made sloppy joes,spaghetti sauce,and chili with them. The taste isn't like beef but they are good.
  • Everything has some sodium. The baking powder and baking soda have a lot of sodium since that is what they are made of, my soda says 160 mg and the powder says 95. Even flour has some natural sodium in it. Unless you have high blood pressure or have been told by your doctor to lower your sodium, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Don't expect ANY of the replacement items (milk, cheese, meat) to taste like what you are used to. THEY DON'T!!!! But there are some that taste better than others. Don't buy everything right away, try only one kind till you find what you like the taste of. I am allergic to milk protein and have to read EVERY label for…
  • There are also Lactaid pills in the grocery stores that might work if you can't find it in the dairy case. I like the unsweetened almond cashew or the plain unsweetened cashew milk but we drink all of them except rice. My son has crones and I am allergic to the PROTEIN in dairy. Try all kinds to see if you like one more…
  • I am currently on a "break" from deficit. I pinched my sciatic in Dec. and then found out I have 2 bulging disks. I have been eating at maintenance since then to try to heal properly. I am still not able to exercise the way I would like and just walking is still a problem. I gained almost 10 pounds just after the injury…
  • I worked in a school kitchen and the "rule" was 1 re-heating of ANYTHING and only keeping anything cooked for 3 days. Here at home, We do a planed "leftover" night 2 times a week and only re-heat once. If it is in the freezer, make sure that you portion so that you only thaw what you can use for that meal. Always throw…
  • I'm also allergic to cow's milk. I would suggest trying Clif Builders Bars, they are non-dairy. Also Luna bars and the Clif regular bars are also non-dairy; Most of them taste like candy bars, and are easy to take with you for some extra calories.
  • Can you go without eating if you are busy? If the answer is yes, you are probably just wanting something. Try saving a small snack for before bed and see if that helps. If the answer is no, see if you can adjust when you eat to keep this from happening. Good luck.
  • You said that you like to garden. Is there something that you haven't gotten for your garden that you could put money aside for as a reward? Maybe a raised garden bed or a greenhouse? You could put $20 in the bank for every pound lost, At the end of the 20 pounds you would have $400 saved for something big. I don't know…
  • I use regular and it is one of the things tracked.
  • I have a silk yogurt and belvita bar pack nearly every day. It comes in at about 360 cal.
  • Chronic pain. I have arthritis, Degenerative disk disease, a pinched sciatic and bulging disks. I NEVER don't have pain.