whats on the menu???

Rez_jr Posts: 37 Member
Happy Easter everyone....whats on your menus for today?


  • wi1dcherry
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    My family is grilling hotdogs, brats, and hamburgers. I bought special turkey cheddar brats for myself. And of course there will be devilled eggs and pasta salads and ehatever else my family brings. I have limited myself to one plate!
  • Oma827
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    Roast pork, portobello mushrooms, asparagus. Appetizers of long romaine leaves, feta cheese, craisins with pomegranate juice, low-fat ranch zigzagged on top. My guests/husby also have baked potatoes and deviled eggs. I’m all logged and good for the day.

    Happy Easter and Passover.
  • Lounmoun
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    For dinner I'm going to try making a meatloaf with a hardboiled egg in the center with baked potato and green beans on the side.
    For lunch maybe chicken breast and pasta.
  • missysippy930
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    We are having brunch @ 11, ciabatta, pork sausage, cheddar cheese and egg bake, waffle hash browns, creamsicle salad, scones, fresh fruit & mimosas.

    We are going to Red Lobster for dinner.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    Roasted leg of lamb
    Green beans in Greek tomato cinnamon sauce
    Roasted potatoes
    Chocolate bunny
  • malibu927
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    Ham, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, biscuits, and strawberry cream pie. Dinner for three usually means not many dishes to eat.
  • taziarj
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    Slow Cooker pulled pork on brioche buns with macaroni and cheese and baked beans. White cake with buttercream icing for dessert. Add to that the near endless supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!!!
  • Rez_jr
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    ohhh man excuse me while i wipe the drool off the floor :D
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    We don't do anything fancy for Easter. I worked til 1pm, no breakfast, went to the shops after work so didn't eat til 330pm (pumpkin protein pancakes and waffles with PB and chocolate spread, and fruit, and an iced protein coffee, then steak and salad for dinner. Jelly, frozen yogurt, berries for dessert.)

  • freenowphoever
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    Fried chicken, pineapple coleslaw, mac salad, potato wedges, lemon meringue pie
  • CaffeinatedConfectionist
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    It's just me and my boyfriend today, no family for a thousand miles, so we're going a nontraditional route with shrimp and vegetable tempura.... mmmm
  • CarrieAnnH14
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    well - so far I have eaten chocolate! We will be going to my sisters. Ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped corn and other assorted sides.
  • Healthyhunny231567
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    Chicken & dumplings, meatloaf, biscuits & gravy, cornbread, mac and cheese, cheesey hashbrown casserole, green beans & bacon, mashed potatoes, & fried apples
  • bbell1985
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    I'm going to use the day to actually eat in a deficit as I've been eating a lot lately and I'm an atheist.
  • ElizabethHanrahan
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    Roasted turkey breast, stuffing and peas. For dessert, half a Lindt dark chocolate bunny.
  • Dame_sans_merci
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    Breakfast was oats with banana and almond butter, lunch was goats cheese, avocado, beetroot salad toastie with a bowl of homemade asparagus soup and dinner was Linda McCartney ‘beef’ roast with new potatoes, roast parsnips, cabbage and carrots (and 2 Yorkshires). Passion fruit Skyr for dessert. We have eaten well today (no chocolate tho) and I used approx. 1400 cals so far.
  • Bubblemar
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    Homemade lentil Shepard’s pie by yours truly. Made it for the family and it went down a treat. Super simple and filling. Followed by a ‘fat free’ peach upside down cake
  • seltzermint555
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    bbell1985 wrote: »
    I'm going to use the day to actually eat in a deficit as I've been eating a lot lately and I'm an atheist.

    Same. Well, we're both agnostic and not visiting family who are Christian today because it's very awkward and sort of disrespectful to do so, in my opinion.

    Had some oatmeal and later doing a big veggie stir fry and homemade baked crab wontons with spicy sauce.
  • Dani9585
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    Normally, I cook a large feast for me and my two kids, and we will feed off that for days. Ham or turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies (usually carrots and broccoli because of the beautiful colours!), gravy, and buns. I'll either pick up a lemon meringue pie or carrot cake for dessert. I couldn't find a ham on sale, and we just had a turkey 2 weeks ago (so, my kids are over it and want a turkey break lol).

    Today, we are having seasoned chicken breasts (bone in), mashed potatoes with leftover turkey gravy (had some in the freezer), and steamed broccoli. The kids will have large amounts of chocolate for dessert - they are thrilled! I will have a piece of dark chocolate that the EB left in my basket lol
  • LZMiner
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    Grilled lamb....already cut into cubes, marinated and ready to be skewered, with awesome garlic sauce, roasted red potatoes and carrots, pepper salad, green bean casserole. Homemade blueberry cheesecake and white cupcakes.