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  • Not a brand recommendation, but I bought mine on Craigslist. Realistically, most home equipment being sold is barely used.
  • This is a weird tip I got from a 4 am runner, but it helps me a lot. Sleep in clean workout clothes. Then you just need to roll out of bed and pull your socks and shoes on. It's also motivating because you're already dressed, and for females if you don't get up, you just slept in a bra for no reason.
  • This happened to me too! I came back from a vacation and jumped back into diet and workout mode. My weight went up while on vacation, dipped a little the following week and then went up for the next few weeks! That was also 5 weeks ago. This week was the first the scale started down, and then I dropped fast, 4 lbs since…
  • There are lots of potassium rich fruits and veggie like kiwi and bananas. For cholesterol, focus on whole grains (high fiber) and lower saturated fat. If they are not already there, you can add tracking for fiber and saturated fat under your diary settings. You got this!!!
  • Maple Grove Fat Free Greek. 5 calories per tablespoon with ingredients I've heard of: Water, Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Seasoning Blend (Salt, Sugar, Onion and Garlic, Spices, Natural Flavor), Cellulose Gum, Cellulose Gel, Spices, Potato Starch, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate (to Preserve Freshness)
  • The front of the room thing is bull-*kitten*. Most new people head towards the middle or back. If an instructor want you up front as a new person, then it's so it's easier for them to help/adjust you so you don't hurt yourself. But in general, your location in the room is completely up to you. People are not usually…
  • I agree with the Panache and Glamorise. 36G, I can do HIIT and run in both. These are the specific ones I like: Panache- Glamorise-
  • I was just digging into how to weigh avocados the other day because it can make a big difference in weight. The USDA calories are based on just the edible part. Hope that helps!
  • For me it depends on your "morning workout" definition. If it's a 9am Saturday HIIT class, then yes, something filling like a breakfast sandwich, but but done eating at least 45 minutes beforehand and drinking lots of water to digest. If it's a weekday, ungodly early, pre-work short run, then not really. I need something…
  • MFP is designed to help you at the rate you choose from 0.5 lb per week to 2 lbs per week. Because you're already at a healthy weight, the 2 lbs per week would probably not doable and likely not sustainable. You should probably aim for the 0.5 lb to 1 lb per week and see how that goes. Also, weight loss isn't linear, so it…
  • I lost 10% fat in a day... by switching scales. :D Don't sweat it. You will hopefully be able to use it over time to notice improvements, but as others have said, the actual number is probably not accurate. Also, they tend to greatly fluctuate depending on your hydration level.
  • Thanks for you replies! Sorry, I didn't mean just a racer backed bra, but I second a lot of the suggestions. I love my panache!!! I was talking more about the strappy backed bras that are all the rage right now. Is this something us large chested ladies can pull off for low impact activities? I did try a cheap 3 pack of a…
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. Also, try to apply 20 minutes before you head out so it has more time to be absorbed. Good luck!
  • That was me in January. I hit 110 calories one day (I ran a lot of meetings that day). I agree with the tea suggestions. Peppermint tea was my go to. I also tried the hot toddy method, but doubled down on cinnamon. Hot Cinnamon Spice tea (Harney and Sons) and Fireball. I don't know if it helped, but I felt better. ;)