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  • Hi I'm new to the group and I'm looking forward to getting to know you I've decided to try low carb and am excited to see results. My goals are ...Stick to it ...Walk more .. its winter here in tasmania Australia and can be pretty cold in the morning walking before work. ....Experiment with recipes ....feeling fabulous in…
  • Thankyou so much this has been very helpful I'm 1200 cal intake and thought it might be 30% Ive set fat to 40% Protein 30% Does that sound correct
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  • Same .. i have about 15 kg to lose And I'm starting again tomorrow. I gave up smoking almost 2 years ago and put on this weight in this time. So now its time to lose this weight and find the same will power i found 2 years ago We've all got this
  • I'm in.. i rake them up when I'm at work so my challenge is doing the same on my days off Goodluck everyone
  • Hi I'd really like to join this group if that's still okay I'm 187 pounds