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  • Thank you to everyone that has responded! Everyone had great points and the motivation I think I needed!!
  • Just keep going. Log your food, even if you go over your goal. Go to the gym or continue your regular exercise and push through it. I find that when I hit spots where I'm ready to give up, if I just continue my normal routine of logging and exercising I will snap out of it. Good luck to you!
  • Did better than I thought! Had a small breakfast because I knew lunch would be large and dinner would be served with wine! Stayed within my budget today! Hoping I can maintain my willpower for the rest of this week! Family is in town this week for the holiday and my weekly weigh in is tomorrow morning. I am committed to…
  • Did 60 squats the other day and the first 30 were like nothing! I feel it today, but starting at 284 and to be 42 lbs. down feels awesome! Still have about 80 lbs to go but I keep reminding myself I'm a third of the way to my goal!
  • I have two little ones and so far it's been mostly about will power. Any candy they have received as part of party favors or the occasional candy that is picked out in the check out line gets put into the deep, dark recesses of our pantry. Goldfish crackers and granola bars are more accessible, so I have to resist them. I…
  • I have several, but what have been in the rotation for the last few weeks: "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels" "Just do it. Even if you suck." "Squats are bad for your knees. FALSE. Being fat is bad for your knees. "
  • Thanks for the insite. I went back and adjusted some of my numbers and my new calorie goal is set at 1720. I feel like I've done well for the last few months but there were definitely days where I was still hungry as opposed to feeling satisfied. On those days, I would eat more fruits and vegetables and would usually stay…