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  • Last year, my husband’s job changed and he began working from home. We purchased one of those desks that can be raised or lowered. He tries to switch it up every couple of hours from sitting to standing. Maybe your employer would be willing to provide a desk like that or if you work from home perhaps you could purchase…
  • I took a stand up paddle board class this weekend. I’ve never been on a paddle board before, but I have always wanted to learn. I had to stay seated for the majority of the class due to windy/choppy conditions on the lake, but I learned the correct paddle strokes and was able to get around on the lake. I count it as a…
  • My husband and I went on a long weekend getaway this weekend and I purposely planned for an active trip with hiking and water sports each day. It was fun to get some active workouts in and I got to challenge myself and see new places.
  • I was able to wear a tank top for the first time for my hike this weekend. I’ve always been self conscious about my upper arms so this was a huge step out of my comfort zone. My arms are not 100% where I want them to be yet, but I was happy with how I looked in the tank top. I also purchased more tank tops and even some…
  • Thank you for sharing your story! I know it will help others who have faced similar challenges. I wish you success on your continued journey.
  • I went into a clothing store for the first time in a year and tried on new jeans. The sales lady gave me a pair of size 10’s to try on and they fit! I had been as high as a 16, but have been wearing 14 and 12 more recently. It was a nice surprise.
  • I hit 167 this morning! Now on to 160
  • I’m 3lbs away from moving out of the obese category to the overweight category on the BMI scale. This will happen when I reach 167lbs. My next mini goal will be 160.
  • Meal planning makes a big difference for me. I try to only buy exactly what I need for each meal and planned snacks for the week. I choose meals loaded with vegetables and high in fiber so that they are filling and I don’t have room to eat anything else. I eat at the same times each day so that my body knows when it’s…
  • Pilates (to strengthen back and core) and foam roller help tremendously. I like Gaaim’s Pilates Conditioning for Weightloss, but there are Youtube videos if you don’t want to spend the money on a DVD
  • Meal prepping may be key for you until you can begin to add in exercise. Plan a menu for the week. Start reading labels and learning portion sizes then measure everything as you portion it out for meals and snacks. I second the suggestion to put some M&M’s in a snack sized ziplock, or add some to some seeds and nuts to…
  • I’ve had two victories recently. First, my husband and I went on our first mountain hike on a trip to Mt. Rainier. The trail was rated easy overall, but it had beautiful views and parts of the trail had moderate challenges due to large roots and uphill climbs. For me, it felt like such an accomplishment to challenge myself…
  • Gaiim’s Pilates Conditioning for Weightloss. Pilates helps strengthen the back and core and can give the appearance of lengthening muscles. This video shows beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves in one so you can adjust to what works for you and allows you to change it up as you progress. My husband and I both enjoy…