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  • I thought this site was meant to be supportive. How wrong I was.
  • Hi. Don't let the negative comments get to you, most seem very anti-fast here. I tend to do 20 hr fasts every day & starting to try weekly 2 day fasts (starting today), hoping to do mon & Tues every week, but gonna take it one day at a time. Ive done some 4 day fasts in tbe past & felt they worked for me. If you like…
  • Pretty sure I have it, fever, exhaustion & shortness of breath. But don't worry, not leaving the house for any reason till im fully better.
  • Thank you. Currently confined to home (Self isolating) so very much sedentary. Lol
  • I like IF too, as i find it an easy way to control my appetite. Congrats on finding something that you can use to help you do something you want to do. 🤗
  • Looking good!!
  • I thought this was a discussion area?
  • I miss my chickens. I once saw one eat a mouse whole. Funniest thing I ever saw, all the girls were chasing her to get it & she just swallowed it whole!!! (After banging it against a brick wall a couple times)
  • Really nice to hear some sensible people giving their opinions. Honestly I got a little annoyed at all the mean posts on other threads that I read. Thanks to everyone for all the interesting posts that have been added. 😀
  • Chickens can live happlily grazing on just grass ( and the insects in it), do you have access to a garden?
  • It's actually a really interesting question, of how much sugar is bad for you, and something that I can't see being answered anytime soon. But my theory is that if it's eaten as a whole food (e.g. an apple) then that seems sensible, but when I eat Haribo that's not very sensible & I would never defend it as a good idea.…
  • I've got it. Not too bad, just fever, exhaustion & a little shortness of breath. Self isolating at the moment, so hoping there is TP available when I'm out of the zone & need to shop😁 It sounds crazy out there, kinda glad I'm avoiding it. Lol
  • My bad I did in fact mention the bad effects (in passing), so thank you. However your comment about being underweight without sugar is curious.
  • Actually I said sugar has no nutritional value. Carbs can be healthy, but sugar is not healthy. So why are so many defending it? (Just curious)
  • I made no mention of the bad effects of sugar (although they are numerous), I just asked why people defend sugar so much. I consume too much sugar (like most people), but I understand it's bad for me & would never defend it. I just wondered why so many on this app are constantly doing so.
  • Nothing wrong with fruit, it's an important source of many vitamins, minerals & fibre.
  • Thyroid is a nightmare to get treated properly in the UK, as the TSH threshold is not right for everyone. Can I ask what meds your on & what your TSH levels were at your last test?? I found I had to cajole & beg my Dr to up my dose. But it really helped when I finally got it upped. Have a look at hypothyroid symptoms & see…
  • The best diet is the one that works for you. It could be IF, or keto or whole30, or Any other diet or combination of diets. How are you finding IF? What eating window are you doing? Do you find the fasting difficult? Help & support is what this app should be for, so how can we help??
  • This is a bit of a curve ball........a stomach ulcer can feel like hunger pangs. I had one, felt like I was starving after I had eaten. It's probably not an ulcer, but if your eating a good sized meal & then feeling hungry it might be worth checking. Alternatively protein & fat helps you feel full, you could add some nuts,…
  • IF is awesome, it helps you lose the weight then helps you keep it off. It's not for everyone, but if it does fit you it's a lifesaver. My top tips are: # read "the obesity code", as it's fascinating & explaines the science behind fasting. # start slow, just push breakfast back an hour a day till your at lunch. # choose an…
  • Lost 100lbs+ Size 10-12 uk now Still don't think of myself as 'normal' sized. I talk to the larger people on the office as if I'm still that size without thinking it. I wonder if I'll ever consider myself as slim. It's like I know mentally that I've lost weight. But emotionally I still feel obese. I just don't really see…
  • Have you tried snacking on cheese or meat when the urge calls?? I do this...even have a box of pre cut slices of cheese ready....then I just grab 1 or 2 slices.
  • Start with skipping breakfast and see how you go for a week. Then limit your timeframe to 8 hours (lunch and dinner) and see how you feel. I find it easier to do than when I tried 6 meals a day, as I can have a couple of proper sized meals to fill me up. I also found that cutting processed carbs helped my blood sugar…
  • Hi there. I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago. Everyone has a different experience on what they can eat. Some have issues with high fat foods, but I have found that processed carbs cause the most issues for me. So I cut them out, started volume eating fruit, veg, dairy and meat & have lost 90lbs. Listen to what…
  • Whatever works for you. If your not hungry till late, then don't eat till late.
  • My mom bought me a lindt advent calendar......
  • Cheese. Weird I know. But by eating something savoury and satisfying helps me not devour the chocs. Or.... I'll add some fruit and balsamic to my salad, so the whole meal is a bit sweet
  • 1860 for maintain + 2499 for walking (I honestly just walk everywhere all day!!) I guess just under the 4500. Doubt I'll get through all these cals everyday, but it's so relaxing to know they are available. The real test is what the scales say a week after I'm back....
  • I totally agree. The ultimate goal is to know that in the future I can relax about my eating. I still have a long way to go to get to a healthy weight, but I will, and once I'm there I will use everything I've learnt to continue to eat healthily but be able to have regular treats as well.