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  • My fix fot this wad to go cold turkey. Eliminate all your trigger foods from your diet. Replace them with veg and protein & eat enough to feel really full. Don't worry about the cals too much at first. Give it a couple of weeks till your feeling less cravings then start to work on the macros and cal goals. Then you can try…
  • Binging was my main issue. Had to always be super stuffed. The above posters have suggested getting professional help & that could be what you need. I found that eating 6 times a day just made me hungry all day long. So I decided to try fasting for 16 hours a day & just eating for 8. But eating huge volume meals...loads of…
  • Magnesium is brill for migraines. It really helps to reduce the frequency of my attacks.
  • This thread has helped me decide to partake in a diet break. I started on Saturday & plan to do a full 2 weeks. I actually had some anxiety about 'breaking my diet' and upping my cals to maintenance for the first couple of days, but you guys have helped me cope with that. The fun bit is that tomorrow I'm off to Vienna for…
  • My diet isnt restrictive. And i don't assess cals burnt??
  • Just downloaded this. Off to Vienna in a few days so will have loads of miles to log :wink:
  • Try for 10000 steps. That should get you 500cals. Or reduce cals by 250 and walk for an hour. What would work best for you... More food or more movement?
  • How are you for iron?? That can make you feel crappy and tired
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a look see if any are sweetener free (sweeteners make me feel light-headed)
  • I was looking for a n electrolite drink but everything I've found is stuffed with sugar or sweeteners. Are any of the ones your wife drinks low sugar and sweetener??
  • Why don't some people allow that although they are not addicted to sugar some people are? Addiction can occur with almost any substance or activity. If you have an overridding urge to do/ingest something & are unable to control that urge you have an addiction. Addiction is a personal and horrible matter & just because a…
  • I agree. I don't exercise(yet) because i tend not to do well on my diet when i exercise. So I'm focussed ob diet which works for me. When I'm at a healthy weight & can go to maintenance cals I'll start to exercise.... Which will hopefully help me maintain. I obviously still do normal stuff like walking, but made a…
  • My Dr has a tendancy to stop my thyroid meds randomly... So i put in a prescription with my pharmacist pop by a few days later and get told i have to see my Dr to get another script. So i go to the Dr & they won't have an appointment for 3+ weeks!! Then i have to beg them to get me a hold over script. This is a med i will…
  • Hi. I'm ment to have the same salt intake as you, but i have trouble getting enough every day. Just wondering if you have any tips on ways to increase salt intake (other than just adding to food). I was soooo low last week i actually just tried drinking salt in water (don't try this it nearly made me vom lol).
  • Watched "what the health" with my partner. We kept having to pause it to yell at the morons ! :s
  • Are your cals too low? That can wake you up after a couple if hours. I tried a VLCD a while ago & i always woke up after a couple if hours. Made me crazy. :s
  • Don't stop doing something just because it'll take 2 years. The 2 years will still pass . I've been doing this for a year in Jan & i have a year to go to get to a good weight. To make the long term plan easier you could allow yourself 1 or 2 days a week to eat at maintanance ( i do Friday and Saturday) then you have…
  • If you're worried or think it might help try going gluten free for a couple of weeks and see if it helps you. You wont lose any essential nutrition as long as you eat healthily so it wont hurt & it might just help. On the other hand if you find it has no effect you can chill about gluten and work out what the issue…
  • High carb makes me hungry and want more snacks. High protein helps me feel full. Loads of veg helps me feel healthy and feel full. But do what works for you. Have a play with your meals. Make a note of what meals make you feel snacky after.
  • Supersizers is fun to watch. Puts me off fast food when I'mcraving it
  • Curry with chickpeas instead if chicken. Chilly with quorn mince instead of beef mince. Salad with feta instead of steak. Egg Mayo sandwiches instead of deli meat. The questing us what do you normally cook that you can easily substitute something meat free into.
  • I heard an interesting suggestion the other day. If you're craving something try to delay eating it till tomorrow. Then if you still must have it have it. Not sure how this would work for everyone.... But i find it hel as I'm not denying myself, just delaying it till tomorrow. Then if you don't need to eat it tomorrow you…
  • Whatever makes you feel best is the right way for you. Diet is an individual thing. If you feel bad on what you're doing change it till you feel good. But try to add good whole foods rather than processed foods. E. G to up your carbs add more veg rather than pasta/bread/crisps.
  • I do IF, 16:8 & I've found it easier as my hunger has reduced..... Lost 89lbs so far. Its not for everyone. If you decide to give it a go, start slowly & if you feel bad stop.... Like any diet. But its the only diet I've ever done that i can see doing forever, so it will help me maintain as well as lose. Good luck :smile:
  • I hate feeling hungry . Its the one thing that will always derail me. What i do to help this is controversial on MFP as i intermittently fast. I skip breakfast & just eat for 8 hours a day. It takes a few days to get used to but then i found that hunger is less prononced & i get to eat much larger meals. Have a bit of a…
  • Just started a 2 week diet break as I've not lost anything for over a month (after losing 89lbs so far). Finding it really difficult to eat my maintainance cals & resorted to popcirn tonight. So i currently feel guilty for the popcorn, but good fir hitting maintainance
  • Add a *kitten* ton of veg to whatever you eat and that'llfill you up. :smiley:
  • Apparently when you eat something with equal carbs and fat ( like choc cake) you eat more of it. Whereas if you eat something with just fat or just carbs you only eat a little. Anyone had this experience??
  • Carbs eaten cause you to crave more of them. I have this all the time. It is always more difficult to stop after you've had some. But you did it!!
  • Have a look at intermittant fasting. Its an easy way to reduce your calories while not being hungry all the time. Its not for everyone. But i had my gallbladder removed as well & it works for me. I do 16:8 Thats eating for 8 hours (12-8pm) then fasting for the rest of the time.