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  • As @emmydoodles83 alluded to, some people have legitimate health reasons that cause them to wear a corset daily, mostly related to spine and hip issues as corsets are not very different from back braces. A properly laced corset should not cause health issues. Waist training with an over-tightened corset may cause problems,…
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  • Sitting on my deck in the warm sun, but I live in Alaska so watching anime and reading books are my second best options.
  • I have never noticed anything, but I don't take a prescription level does. The highest dose I ever picked up was 3000 mg, I think. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor.
  • If you are baking, you can probably put some in almost anything you make. I like to make flax seed crackers. I use a mixture of whole and ground flax seeds, water, and whatever seasonings I feel like; mix it all together; flatten it out on parchment paper; and dehydrate in the oven (170 deg F for a couple of hours and then…
  • Look up Healthful Pursuit on YouTube. She talks quite a bit about macro ratios and hormone balancing. There is also a Keto Meets Menopause channel that you might find interesting. My mom has done a lot of research into hormones since she started going through menopause and is trying to figure out a way to be on the keto…
  • If you make your diary public, we might be able to help you a bit more. Try a can of tuna or chicken, they are mostly protein. Shrimp is also about 90% protein. Remember you don't have to perfectly meet your gram/percentage goals every single day and that changing the way you eat doesn't typically happen in a day.
  • If those are the macro goal percentages you want to meet, then you probably want to build your meals around low-fat dairy (highly variable so make sure to look at labels) lean cuts of beef and pork in limited quantities (these are about 50% protein calories), white-meat poultry (around 75% protein calories), and lean…
  • I was never really a smoothie person before, but lately I am not really hungry after my workout in the morning and I can take a smoothie with me and sip on it at work. I have been doing a protein smoothie with spinach: 1 to 1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1/2 to 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder 1 serving (~85…
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  • Check Costco and Sam's Club. Both have lower per serving cost of what I consider middle-range brands and if you are drinking them every day, bulk purchases are probably the best option. If you don't have a membership, ask around - someone you know may.
  • Be careful installing any kind of water treatment; no matter what they tell you, all systems take some kind of maintenance and you need to be prepared to keep up with the maintenance schedule. If regular maintenance is not performed, you could end up growing microorganisms in filters or losing integrity in a membrane…
  • Costco and Fred Meyer's (Kroger) are my stores and I almost always go Kirkland at Costco and Kroger or Simple Truth at Fred's, if the same item is available as offered in the name brand. The super cheap Psst... brand is sometimes okay at Fred's. We are always a bit behind in terms of getting new products, but I frequent…
  • (I commented for similar reasons, everything else was so serious :/ . Plus, the whole apple misconception gives apples a bad rep and they can't stand up for themselves.)
  • I have used this recipe before, with success. You could lower the calories by leaving out the chocolate chips and/or replacing some/all of the sugar with a sugar substitute. If you play around with the sugar, though stick with granular sugar substitutes because the recipe needs the bulk that the sugar provides. I like to…
  • The amount of carbs that will kick you out of ketosis is individual. Most people can go up to 50 grams (or even higher) after they have stayed in ketosis for a while. The 20 gram limit is often mentioned because at that low intake you are more or less guaranteed to stay in ketosis. Also, remember that this net carbs, not…
  • That probably wasn't an apple and they weren't supposed to eat it. Not that I am arguing against eating apples, or any non-poisonous fruit... ;)
  • Early (4:30AM), otherwise it won't get done because I know myself.
  • I stuff my NutriBullet with spinach (two handfuls), add about a cup of almond milk, a half a serving or a serving of chocolate protein powder, a tablespoon or two of heavy cream, and as many ice cubes as I can fit. It has a mild chocolaty flavor, not too sweet. I usually put in a couple of grams of xantham gum in with the…
  • Basically you are converting work to potential energy. Here is a paper about walking up a hill, which is basically the same thing.
  • I eat spinach all sorts of ways, but the way that seems to make it taste the least like spinach is for put a bunch (a serving) of it in my NutriBullet with a bit of water (4 ounces) and blitz it to green juice then add chocolate protein powder, some cream or milk, and ice cubes and blitz again. I can't even taste the…
  • I don't think I have ever had a chip I didn't like... I try not to have them in the house because I will eat them (all), regardless of how I know I will probably feel over the next day or so.
  • These showed up in the "health food" section of my local Fred Meyer (Kroger). They are spendy and I have succesfully used the KetoConnect copycat recipe, so I will probably never purchase them. These I found at Fred's as well. They are pretty delicious, but I don't know if they will have them again since they were just on…
  • A mixture of erythritol (often powdered in my NutriBullet because it doesn't dissolve like regular sugar) and stevia drops. They counteract each other's weird flavors.
  • All of them. I use Sweet N Low (aspartame) in my beverages because to me it has only sweetness and no additional flavors that mess with the flavor of the drink, although I like to use flavored sugar free syrups (which use sucralose) in my coffee (and they work nicely to sweeten ice cream recipes). In my cooking and baking…
  • Chicken thighs + jarred alfredo sauce (just make sure to check the label for carb count or you can make your own with cream, butter, and parmesan) + veggie of choice (spinach is good mixed in at the end, so is broccoli roasted in the oven). Or taco meat (seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken/pork) + cheese + sour cream…
  • I like to make my protein on the weekend (or just a couple of times during the week) and combine with veggies each day of the week. It is pretty easy to make protein in bulk; sometimes I use my slow cooker and other times I just bake a sheet of something. This can be pretty flexible because veggies can mean salad greens,…
  • A quick Google search produced this website.
  • I always get an americano with whichever sugar free syrup strikes my fancy, often vanilla because it is all most places have. I usually ask for half syrup, otherwise it is really sweet.
  • Even if you consume more sugar than is recommended, if you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. Although, if you switch to diet soda, you could eat that many more calories in actual food and still maintain your deficit.
  • Chicken, eggs, beef, really any meat. Without knowing your stats, macro goals, and dietary preferences, I can't give much better advice.
  • May not need just one macro, may need to increase overall calories and to watch your micros... you are growing a person. Also, more sleep is a good idea.