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  • Taking into account body fat percentage is a more accurate method.
  • I love Siggis. It is high protein and lower in sugar. It is not Yoplait, which is more like a dessert than anything, but I like it.
  • Yes, always quit smoking. Smoking is more harmful to the body than 50 extra lbs of weight. I say that as a medical provider. Many people have good luck with Chantix. I highly recommend it! Also, many people think the main danger from smoking is lung cancer but there are so many bad effects otherwise. It is a major risk…
  • If you’re not losing weight, then you are eating too much. If you’re not logging all of your calories then you don’t know how much you are eating though.
  • It is likely that your cheat days are wiping out your entire deficit. Maybe eliminate the cheat day.
  • Most people I know met their now spouse on a dating app, including me.
  • Treatment depends on the cause. If it is due muscle spasm, treatment is NSAIDs, possible muscle relaxers, and stretches. If the cause is a bulging disc, impact exercise like running is not recommended and PT is helpful in addition to the above. I have dealt with it off and on for 15 years. It worsened in the last 5 years.…
  • If a man does that, then he is not interested. I would move on.
  • The main thing that I am having trouble finding is baby formula. It is out in most stores so I had to check multiple different places and order online a few times. Everything else seems to be well stocked.
  • Great information and explanation!
  • Carbs are good. Berries, beans, oatmeal, lentils, and chia seeds have good amounts of fiber.
  • You’re losing at a very fast rate. Slow down and be patient.
  • I’m a PA and I would not be concerned either. It is good that you are not just blowing it off and want to be proactive about your health but I do think you are overreacting as your numbers are borderline. None of the ER doctors I work with would even notice that blood pressure. That’s the truth. Your doctor is right in…
  • Good luck! I eat vegetarian meals often and for a while I was almost entirely plant based and it was too difficult for me to do higher protein. I’m fine with higher carbs. Vegetarian and vegan diets just have more carbs in general.
  • If it is a something I enjoy a lot then I don’t mind eating it frequently but I still like variety.
  • I lost my streak a few years ago when I went on vacation and had no phone signal. But more recently, despite having a baby and catching Covid and a bunch of other things, I still have my streak! MFP doesn’t know why we don’t log in.
  • Egg whites, Greek yogurt, tempeh, seitan, some premade veggie burgers or veggie ground….. I do think your goals are unrealistic though.
  • As a health care provider, I love it! I’m tired and so is everyone else I work with of the unvaccinated clogging up our hospital rooms leaving no room for others with other health conditions.
  • I love cheese but I rarely eat it now. I used to have 10 different cheeses in my fridge at any one time. I cut it out mostly for ethical reasons and also to avoid saturated fat. It was also giving me GI symptoms after not having eaten it in a few years. My very favorite is Gouda. I love any sharp cheese though. I still put…
  • One of my favorite desserts is cut up strawberries with a tiny bit of sugar and whipped cream. When I was pregnant I had to avoid sugar so I used monk fruit instead.
  • I find vegan dairy to be poor substitutes for the real thing but would you consider a non cheese based one? Google Chrissy Tiegen’s tortilla soup recipe. It is vegetarian, delicious, and spicy! I occasionally use coconut milk or cream, just a tad since it has a lot of calories, to make a soup creamy. I have not found a…
  • Ceviche! I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe handy as I usually just throw it together after having made it so many times. It is definitely low calorie, low carb, and delicious! I usually eat it on top of tostadas.
  • I love beans and rice. I make pinto beans and Spanish rice, black beans with white or cilantro rice, red beans and dirty rice, etc. I also love a good veggie burger. Hmmm, pasta with red sauce and tons of portobello mushrooms. For breakfast, Shakshuka is amazing! There are amazing recipes for it on Pinterest. Also, soup!…
  • The first meal is a vegetarian version of a Persian herb stew from an amazing restaurant in L.A. The second is grilled seafood, greens, rice/beans, and zucchini from my garden. The third is not a meal, but was delicious: pineapple margaritas.
  • The first meal is homemade Korean BBQ at my friend’s house. She is a professional chef. The second was ceviche I made from crab and shrimp, with tortilla soup. The third is an Indian meal I made with Tandoori shrimp.
  • The first one is a Tuscan Salmon recipe I got from Pinterest. It was one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten in my life. The second dish is Cuban black beans, rice, and garlic shrimp. The third is an egg and veggie breakfast I made. I’m Pescetarian but eat a lot of vegetarian meals too.
  • I love the Madras Lentils in the multipack at Costco. They are so easy to make (60 seconds in the microwave) and I can eat them solo or with a piece of pita or a bit of rice. I have a small baby now and I need food that is somewhat healthy and quick to make. I also like the Morningstar Buffalo Chik’n Patties. So easy.
  • I use a little bit of olive oil (1/2-1 tsp) when cooking for me and a little bit of plant based butter when cooking for others. I use about a third or half a serving for 33-50 calories. I also like a cast iron pan. I sometimes use cooking sprays on my ceramic cookware.
  • I had horrible acne before and did quite a bit of research on this. I was on Accutane 5 times! There is no evidence that dairy causes acne or makes it worse. If you have an allergy, then it can cause a rash, but that rash is not the same as acne. Eat your Greek yogurt!
  • Ivermectin is complete BS. It treats scabies and other parasites, not Covid.