Hi, I'm Karri. I'm not new to MFP, but I've never posted. I started my weight loss nearly 14 years ago at 250 after my son was born. Through the years I had another baby, life, health issues, etc. I picked up really being dedicated to exercise and weight loss again January 2020, and since then I'm down 51 lbs. I finally weighed in under 200 lbs this morning. I'm officially in Onederland and I feel so many things, but I'm so excited to keep going and smash my goals. ❤️ Keep up the good work, you all can do it too!!!


  • cmriverside
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    Hey, Welcome back and keep doing it! Congrats on breaking through the wall.
  • nooshi713
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    Congratulations on the great loss!
  • JBanx256
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    Congrats on your progress so far!!!
  • Gardensoul57
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    You go girl! The day I was under 200 pounds was amazing. Something about that kicked in for me and I am now near my goal weight of 150. Keep on doing the great work and CONGRATULATIONS