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  • I never notice (other people have to tell me) so guys just think I'm rude, but what the heck lol.
  • Thankyou Lietchi, had no idea about that :D
  • I log on every day, and I log everything I eat even if I've gone over (sometimes by a lot) this helps me because if I don't do it, I don't lose weight and just think it's not working.. but if I've logged it all I can look back and see why I didn't lose weight that week. It also helps me by looking back at weeks I've lost…
  • It was bread, but I'm actually allergic to it now and I really don't like gluten free bread. Chocolate is another one, I haven't had any in a while and haven't been wanting it, but if I have some, I'll start wanting it again. Also indian and chinese takeaways,Thai food and fish and chips.
  • I have to log onto MFP every day, I also weigh myself everyday (whilst keeping in mind fluctuations due to fluid retention) I do 2 fast days of 500 per week, however I don't feel guilty if I don't do them but I don't lose as much weight.. I will continue to do 1 fast day per week once I'm at my target weight, and 2 if I…
  • That I can eat what I want, as long as I stay within my calorie allowance and I make sure that I include healthy food (like we're having nachos tomorrow but I'm having like a quarter plate nachos and the rest salad) and that I don't have to stick to 500kcal per day and just eat protien and veg .. which is what I was doing.…
  • From December last year till now, I still have about 3 stone to go... and yes that is spam on a plate with a candle, it was my daughters 16th birthday and she hates spam :smiley: so wound her up saying it was her cake.
  • Never had it, sounds Yum Sushi
  • I plan for them, as I find if I don't plan my daily meals in advance I find it harder to stay within my calorie allowance
  • Try clicking submit again, sometimes the diary tells me I'm too far under the calorie goal (on fast days) and it tells me I'm eating too little and on the timeline thing just says 'completed food diary' could be something like that :)
  • I went from eating 500kcal per day, all I ate was lean protein and veg, I didn't lose weight. The reason I did this was because everything I was doing wasn't working and I ended up keeping cutting calories down to that tiny amount of kcal (which was stupid). It was found to be gluten with me so once I stopped having that I…
  • I plan each day in advance and log it all then, so that I know exactly what I am having during the day, I find it hard to stick to calorie goals if I don't
  • You just click the minus sign and it should be deleted, maybe try reloading the page if it doesn't
  • I want to wear a bikini (I've never wore one)
  • I weigh everything too, I haven't done this in the past and weighing has definitely helped me with weight loss. I also pre plan what I'm eating during the day (actually have started doing this for the week now) so that I know how many calories I have left over to have something I really like each day.
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  • Well done for starting :) I started MFP before Christmas and have lost around 3 and a half stone since then, it does work.
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  • That is amazing! I've lost 3 stone out of the 7 stone loss that I am aiming for, so nowhere near what you have lost. I do understand what you mean though because I can't see it at all either, even though I am in clothes which are a lot smaller, to me when I look in the mirror I still see myself as how I was before I…
  • Sushi, my 15 year old daughter loves it too and wants to go to a sushi restaurant for her birthday :)
  • Having to tell someone who I hadn't seen in a whole who I am because they didn't recognise me. I've lost 3 stone but still have another 7 to go to goal weight.
  • No, North Wales... no excuse :D :D
  • Malteser Tray bake (which my children want me to make for Easter but I've said no because I know won't be able to resist it) and Easter Eggs ... basically chocolate in general (it needs to be proper chocolate though, not cheap plastic rubbish)
  • I think it's not so much about what is the best method, it is what best works for people individually, what works for one person, may not suit another. Personally I've tried loads of things, Slimming World (they kept telling me I wasn't eating enough, but the amount they wanted me to was causing me to gain weight..…
  • Thankyou for the replies, I am being completely paranoid, I thought I was just thought I'd better check :D :D
  • Around the same time of day, same clothing but the light does look different (it's a bit darker in the one I took tonight but not a lot) at first I thought maybe it is because I've had a migraine today but as far as I know, facial swelling isn't a side effect of a migraine.
  • You have done absolutely brilliantly and you look fantastic :smile:
  • I've brought a new maxi skirt and top that I want to get into before the end of May when we go on holiday :smile:
  • That is amazing, well done :)