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  • Thanks so much. I added the posts to my favorites on my desktop. I just added this post as you suggested and it worked. It will help when following a specific thread. Thanks again.
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  • OMG those sound so amazing. Thank you for so many and I will be making a lot of smoothies now. How can I keep this post handy because I do not have a printer to print them all. Don't want to lose these recipes.
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  • Have you tried Meal preparation in containers or Salad in a Jar? They can be left in the fridge for 4 days no problem and you control what you eat and how much.
  • Have you tried preparing meals in containers or Salad in a Jar? They can be kept in the fridge for 4 days no problem and you are in control of what you eat.
  • I keep my exercises to low impact for now. As long as I can breathe while exercising, I know that I am getting a workout to improve my fitness and health. You can try some exercises that you really enjoy doing. After, you can increase the distance and duration which keeps you motivated and stick to that workout.
  • You can add me. I am also looking to share ideas and tips. I just came back this week after 4 years, so anyone is welcome to add me as well.
  • I have a few recipes that I will make but I am trying to lose weight. not to gain. Perhaps when I reach a plateau and the challenge becomes more difficult, a scale will come in as my guide. Good pointer, thanks.
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  • If you like salads, try making a salad in a mason jar the night before. Start with your dressing first, then some beans, heart palms, cucumbers, beets, avocados, and top with lettuce greens. Lettuce should be last so it won't wilt. Close up the jar and keep in fridge. Good for 4 days in the fridge. Chick peas are good,…
  • Great post Daniel. I hope to get back into shape soon with a walking program, but running seems too hard right now for me. Knees especially have given me a bit of trouble. How often do you train? Are you trying to set up a group of runners, or both?
  • Peanut butter is good for you, and the rolled oats. I will try the Almond milk, as I still drink the 2% milk. Thanks for sharing your recipe.