Blood Pressure and Exercise

Hi guys,
I'm fairly early on into a weight loss programme I've essentially designed myself to lose around 30lbs.

I suffer from high blood pressure and something called 'orthostatic hypotension' - meaning if I jump up too quickly or do a burpee, I nearly (and occassionally do) pass out. This happens because of the meds I take to reduce my blood pressure.

I'm working my way through various HIIT exercise videos as well as weekly netball and cycling breaks

What I'm wondering is what people recommend to get around the OH - burpees and other similar exercises are out - usually I boxer shuffle or simply do the standing part (jumping jacks) or the floor level part (usually mountain climbers or whatever).



PS In theory, as I lose weight and get fitter the OH will ease/my blood pressure will calm down and I can reduce the meds. But I want to keep the cardio up to burn and tone without the stress of worrying if I'm going to collapse!


  • DancingMoosie
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    I have OH a little, mostly when lifting, after deadlifts or glute bridges or similar moves. I usually have low BP. I found having electrolyte drink with salt helps. I haven't had any episodes in the gym since taking my electrolyte drink.
  • SABoj
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    I too have low blood pressure/orthostatic hypotension. My MD suggested that I use the meds, but I've opted out.

    Instead, I believe that a healthy diet can go a long way in helping to prevent low blood pressure. Be sure you're getting enough potassium, Vitamin B12, and folate - stay hydrated. On days my bp is really low, I drink one to two 8-oz (500-mL) glasses of cold water (back-to-back) to help expand my plasma volume. Also, several smaller meal throughout the day seem to work better for me than three large meals.

    Don't give up. Keep moving - but modify as needed. There are days I feel great & go for it... other days I feel dizzy or just feel "off", so I adjust my workouts accordingly. Over time, mild physical exercise improves your orthostatic tolerance by reducing venous pooling and increasing plasma volume. Speak with your doctor about possible alternatives and they may be able to also help you find an exercise regimen that works well for you. Good Luck!
  • Tweaking_Time
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    I lost 80 pounds and have to stay on my BP wife lost 20 pounds (and ultimately 65) and she no longer has to take BP meds. I hope you have the same experience as my wife.

    As for burpees and such...I have had the pleasure of having 3 hernia surgeries so I no longer do anything with jumping, lifting heavy, etc. But I am training for a Sprint Triathlon that happens in 23 days. The point being although you may not be able to do some exercises...keep searching. You will find others.
  • lorrpb
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    It sounds like you've made some great modifications for your condition. Many exercise programs provide modifiers for less impact, etc., and some of these would probably help with your situation too because they will avoid the sudden changes of position. You'll still get great workout!
  • Skyfallbw
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    I keep my exercises to low impact for now. As long as I can breathe while exercising, I know that I am getting a workout to improve my fitness and health. You can try some exercises that you really enjoy doing. After, you can increase the distance and duration which keeps you motivated and stick to that workout.
  • Skyfallbw
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    Have you tried preparing meals in containers or Salad in a Jar? They can be kept in the fridge for 4 days no problem and you are in control of what you eat.