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  • I would think calories and fiber are the same. Let’s use orange juice as an example. Some people who drink juice, are actually consuming more than the juice of one orange. One average sized orange is 1/4 to 1/3 cup of juice, not much juice. Certainly served more at restaurants.
  • I don’t know where the mindset comes from, but, after years of buying into the myth of not being able to lose weight as easily after 40, I found MFP. The success stories of older people here inspired me to try. March 12, 2012 started MFP @290 pounds with doctors supervision, at age 60. February 10, 2013 down -140 pounds.…
  • It tastes good and gives pleasure and it’s something you have to do to live. It takes discipline, determination and awareness for me to not over consume.
  • Other Eating less, moving more 10-1/2 years lost 1/2 my body weight
  • No matter how weight is lost, calorie counting is involved. Either you are keeping track, or someone has determined calories and tells you what and how much to eat. Water is the only thing that doesn’t have calories. A lot of veggies are very low calorie, but not calorie free. To lose weight you have to eat less calories…
  • Nothing wrong with carbs or sugar in moderation. Boneless skinless chicken breast or other lean meat. Eggs. Salad. Veggies. Sheet tray bakes with protein and veggies of your choice. Greek yogurts.
  • Homemade. Thin crust. Toppings, veggies, thin layer of sauce and fresh mozzarella. Two slices, under 300 calories.
  • Like all food, I had to just eat less of EVERYTHING, including sugar. Just like every food, I allow a certain amount everyday. Candy was the hardest for me, so I allow 2 pieces at the end of the day for staying within my calorie budget. Usually 70-80 calories.
  • Losing weight happens when there is a calorie deficit. Less calories consumed than your body burns, no matter what program/plan you follow. So yes, MFP has worked, and is working, for many.
  • Oops burn more calories than you consume. (My last post above) BTW, I lost 140 pounds between March 2012 through February 2013. Other than initial weight loss spurt, (winter to early spring) lost pretty evenly throughout the year. 🤷🏼‍♀️Whatever works.
  • It’s different for everyone. You’ve discovered what works for you, but not necessarily true for everyone. It’s an individual process in so many ways, the common factor, for weight loss is burn more calories than your body burns.
  • You say you prepped your meal with the salmon in mind. You could let him know you’re disappointed, but why not take him up on going to get another piece of salmon? Or eat something else?
  • If you use a little spray on “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, spices/seasonings stick better to the kernels. The sky’s is the limit for tastes, sweet or savory. As far as caramel goes, try one of the sugar substitute’s websites for a lower calorie recipe.
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  • Many people do it. Weight loss is all about consuming less calories than your body burns. Exercise is not necessary for weight loss. Exercise can help achieve a calorie deficit, and is very beneficial to overall health.
  • Why connote negative? All foods in moderation, staying in your calorie budget. Find positive words, no bad foods, no cheating, maybe become just food and occasionally going over calorie budget. Building habits for a lifetime healthy weight, with positive results. We’re all human, allow yourself to not be perfect.
  • Do what is right for yourself. Personally, I have no planned cheat days. Seems counterproductive for me, and leads to the slippery slope I was on for too many years. “I’ll start over tomorrow”.
  • Yesterday, I think it was on Face the Nation but may have been CBS Sunday Morning news they were talking about the rise in cost of goods. What stuck with me, was the 40% increase in new car prices. That’s putting an awful lot of people out of the market for buying a new car. Btw, interest rates were high before Reagan and…
  • That’s the way things work. We have no dependent children either, so did not get dependent money either. We pay part of the bill for other peoples children. Our property taxes go to schools in Minnesota, and it’s based on current home value, which the government determines. Not based on your home purchase price, so it goes…
  • I remember. Interest rates were 10% when we bought our home in 1987. There are plenty of us that remember. It’s one of the reasons Reagan got elected. Don’t discount the seniors. There’s a lot of us, and the number is growing.
  • There’s no secret. Weight is lost, eating less calories than you burn. That’s it. How you accomplish that is a personal choice. Nutritional needs are important, so you may want to make sure you are achieving them as well.
  • It was + 42F here (TC metro area) yesterday. They showed people eating outside on the news. Snow is melting. After the coldest January since 2014, I guess, some are enjoying “the warm weather’.
  • For me it’s the opposite. Harder to motivate in hot, humid weather. I’d much rather go for walks in the sub zero weather. As long as you’re dressed for it. I get colder walking in rain than snow. Being wet can be colder than snow. I have a George Foreman grill, and just received a grill pan for Christmas. The grill pan can…
  • Ordered and received confirmation on 1/20. No kits or any indication of being shipped yet. The email indicated kits would start being shipped late January. With shipping by the US postal service, not surprising because of the slowdown🤷🏼‍♀️
  • I did it. I just didn’t tell anyone. I lost 40 pounds before anyone noticed and asked. I had a lot to lose though. My husband worked afternoons and I worked days. I do the cooking. Paid very close attention to portion sizes, and ate very little processed food. It can be done.
  • Does anyone think that some of these shortages at grocery stores may be from employees out because of Covid? No one to stock shelves? There hasn’t been any noticeable shortages here. I grocery shopped yesterday, and the shelves were all full. I grocery shop, and wild bird seed shop (separate stores)once per week. That’s…
  • As long as you are eating less calories than your body burns, you will lose weight. Protein is necessary for good nutrition.
  • It’s all about choices.
  • I guess this is directed at me. It is not my intention to lecture anyone. Or imply that vaxxed people are being targeted in my comments. They aren't. MOST got vaccinated? So, I'm not entitled to post because it doesn't apply to vaccinated persons? Clearly, there are individuals that are reading this thread that are NOT…
  • Whatever reason you have for not getting vaxxed, unvaxxed people are spreading covid at alarming rates. Seriously ill covid patients, requiring hospitalization, are dying. Those of you that refuse to get vaccinated should read about what these patients go through. It's very unpleasant. Do you want to take the risk, for…
  • Sorry for being redundant. Last night on our local news (Minnesota, TC's metro) health care workers from all over our state were appealing to the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. One female doctor was crying and pleading. They are worn out. Just doing what I can on the off chance someone that is unvaccinated may see this…