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  • I do try eating lots of heathy fats. My protein is typically from meat and it is all homemade home raised and when we process it, we add our own fats and things. The reason l get full is I only eat meats and veggies or fruits and that just fills me up! Typical day is 2 eggs and a slice or two of bacon for breakfast. Turkey…
  • Thank you so much! I do have a food scale (a crummy one, but one nonetheless) and do weigh it or measure! I didn’t think about counting weekly calories versus daily. Thanks again! I’ll check over weekly for the last couple times and see how it’s been. ☺️
  • Feel free to add me! I’ve struggled with many diets for 5 years and finally found one that’s working for me!!
  • Feel free to add me if you’d like!!
  • Hey girl! I’d love to be friends! Mfp won’t allow me to add you, but feel free to request me!!
  • I favor breads, potatoes, rice, soda, etc. I dislike consuming too many carbs and I know I’ve eaten too many cuz mfp tells me. My body tells me. And it’s common sense. So I wanna reduce my carb intake. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
  • I wanna try keto because I struggle majorly with my carbs. I’m open to any healthy recipes but I eat way too many carbs!!!
  • Hello! Welcome! I was in the same boat for a few years now! Hubby is tall and skinny and can eat anything! I sniff an Oreo and gain 12 lbs! The difference in me now rather than then is that I have the goal and the ambition. Me losing weight is not for him at all. It's for me. He still eats his junk food. But since I have a…
  • Thanks! I always thought you did!!! That is good. lol thanks. :)
  • The coffee alone was over 600 calories... :(
  • Again, I truly thank all of you for the advice! I can't say this is a 2 week diet to magically change my health. It's a two week diet to kick me of my cravings! I still eat the junk! Just not as much as I used to! I have started eating a TON of proteins and veggies and less candy and junk. I feel better so far and I am on…
  • Ok! I didn't wanna just blast my business! But here goes. I am sorry first and foremost. I have gone without caffeine and I'm sort of a hag. BUT! Here goes everything you should know. I am not diabetic. I have extremely low blood pressure. My triglyceride levels were 150 over what is normal. My doctor and I have decided…
  • I'm not diabetic yet. I'm on a diabetic diet. And low is however low I can get them! He's concerned about carbs because I choose unhealthy carbs. He's worried about sodium because I eat too much. And sodium retains water and leads to weight gain. Calories should be self explanatory... thank you everyone that contributed…
  • I asked for motivation and recipes. Nowhere in my post does it say "please tell me my dr is wrong and this diets impossible!" Not once. If you don't have motivation or recipes why even comment to attempt to tear another person down? Take your assumptions about me and go elsewhere with them. And I disagree when people like…
  • Thank you so much for the advice!!! I appreciate it!
  • Understandable! Just working to become healthier and lose some pounds just as everyone is! But due to some medical problems I face, I have a strict diet I need to be following! Thank you!
  • Thanks! He has. I am in the nursing program that he was in and know a lot of the same teachers he had and he's great! Idk the problem with low carb and low calorie? I'm confident in the decision that my primary care provider, nutritionist, and I have decided. Thank you though!
  • I already did. This was his orders. :) Thank you!
  • Yes. And I did meet with the nutritionist and this is the diet he set up for me.
  • That's what I am worried! It eliminates a lot of what I eat!!! Basically a ton of proteins and veggies. Only natural sugars from fruit. Only drinking water. Etc. That's what I am looking for motivation and friends for. To help me come up with foods to eat.
  • Yes! I have a few recipes they gave me, but I don't care for many of them! So I am strictly trying to stay under level goals. I am basically on a strict diabetic diet but he wants me to limit as much as possible! Only natural sugar from fruit!
  • I wish I could! I am on a strict diet per doctor orders.