Clueless but motivated new member!

Hiya guys,

I'm new to myfitnesspal but really hoping to keep with it and lose some weight.
I have recently been trying to eat better and I really want to lose weight through going to the gym 3/4 times a week but I am clueless what is the best exercise plan for me to do this.


  • Darkiraa
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    Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!!! :)
  • snowflake954
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    If "eating better" means weighing and measuring everything you eat and drink on a digital food scale---you're on your way! MFP has given you a daily calorie goal. It's important to try and stay within it. Watching your calorie goal will mean weight loss. Going to the gym will help you look better when you've lost the weight. There's good information for beginners on the sticky posts. "Your guide to sexy pants" is a classic. Good luck.
  • Dozer8814
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    Feel free to add me! I’ve struggled with many diets for 5 years and finally found one that’s working for me!!