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  • Saturday Feb 2 is my first race EVER- the Frozen Penguin 10K in NYC!
  • Nobody has been here for a while, but I will take a stab at reviving the thread with my first month's Stage 1 progress! I started out a little random, because my gym didn't have the equipment to to do the workouts as designed (Smith Machines but no Squat Racks, no Olympic Bar, no steps, no Swiss Ball), but then I switched…
    in Stage 1 Comment by robinmork August 2018
  • I just ordered the book, so I will be starting once it arrives! Never tried it before, but definitely interested in comparing notes as I do.
  • When I started my weight loss at 220lb, in August 2017, my husband had agreed not to sabotage me, but wasn't prepared to do it with me. Two months later, when I had lost 30lb, he decided he would start. A month after that, he was down almost 20 lb, and I was down a little over 40, and he took me to dinner and thanked me…
  • I am an incredible ice cream addict- I used to have Talenti Gelato every night. Fortunately we live in a golden age of low calorie ice cream! Have you tried Halo Top? I have 1/2 cup every night, and it's between 60-90 calories (depending on the variety), and unlike some of them, it's really really good. Not sure I will go…
  • I'm on the 1200 cal plan, and have found it's important to make my own food. If I make it myself, I can have a decent sized 3 meals per day because I can make lower calorie choices about the ingredients, but if I try to just make things the way I used to, or go out, or eat someone else's food, I can't. And if I try to…
  • I'm 40, and have lost 52 lb since July. In the past few years I overhauled my career and am finally working for myself as a professional illustrator/designer after years of terrible day jobs, but in the process my health, which was never awesome, reached a personal worst. So now I am overhauling that. :) I never felt like…