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  • I started my Apetamin syrup this past Sunday, I was at 123, I’ve gained bs since then! This stuff really works, I have a crazy appetite since taking it. My goal is maintain my weight between 140-145, I would mind 150 either as long as I keep it in check. I’ve ordered a waist trainer because I definitely see where the…
  • Thanks, I’m sure I can find a weight lifting regimen that fits me!
  • Thanks @wheelhouse15 I will definitely check out that site!!
  • Hello everyone! I am looking to gain weight I would prefer it be more muscle, but I’ll take anything right now. I started using Apetamin on Sunday and have seen my appetite spark and I’ve increased my calorie intake significantly. Can anyone please give me a “beginners” weight lifting routine that I can ease into. I don’t…
  • Yesssss!! Finally people who don’t want to lose weight! People look at me crazy when I say I’m trying to gain weight!! And I genuinely get offended lol! They have no clue the mental struggle someone who wants to gain weight but can’t go through! I’m 5’6 and I have recently gained 3lbs since I started at 123. I’m turning 30…
  • Hey!!! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I have suffered from Crohn’s for going on 13 years now. I take the Humira injection to help keep me in remission. I am just now really trying to watch what I eat to help with that and also gain healthy weight. I just started on the Apetamin vitamin syrup and so far, so good! I’ve…
  • Thanks a lot for everyone’s responses and tips! The last couple days I have increased my calorie intake, taking in a little over 3000 calories. I’m seeing the extra gains. I’ve been working out everyday. Lifting seems to be the genealogy consensus that I need to add that into my workout routines. Please feel free to add me!
  • Crohn’s really fluctuates my appetite, that’s why I decided to give Apetamin a try. I’m not fan of protein shakes (I do drink Boost) or the protein bars to add calories. Do you have any suggestions on tasteful ways to add the calories, I’m still trying to eat cleaner than normal so I don’t gain “sloppy” weight? I don’t…
  • That’s Awesome, congrats on your journey! Yea Crohn’s has been my biggest nemesis in my struggle with weight! It’s nice to find someone on the same page as me; trying to gain weight is one thing but trying while having Crohn’s makes it so much harder. What kind of foods are you eating that you notice are helping you keep…