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  • I tried Magnesium—didn’t do anything for me. The only thing that has noticeably made any difference in severity and duration is calorie restriction used on this app. Maybe TMI, but it has also made my periods lighter. My headaches are hormone related, not sure what that correlation would be.
  • Yep! I didn’t do well with imitrex or another hybrid that was supposed to have less side effects. It made me tired as if I had iron deficiency. Could barely lift my arms without feeling exhausted. My brain haze still remained.
  • EmmieEatsEverything, what you wrote, all of it, could be me. From being worried about using my migraine as excuse to type A. You’re so right about the “consistency not looking like other people’s.” Congrats on the weight loss and healthy living, and that’s quite an accomplishment for being on since October. I’ve lost 22…
  • I used to think that I had to stick to a strict exercise schedule of this on x day and that on y day for the whole week like clockwork, and it tormented me on my off days. I have since accepted that I will not be able to exercise on a regular schedule like some. I take it day by day, and try to do something every day be it…
  • You all are warriors, and I’m not kidding or saying that lightly. Thanks for the replies. 💛 I’m on the fourth and hopefully final day of my own migraine. I can count on getting one every month since age 16, hormone related and genetic. My mom and grandmother had the same. Apparently they’ll go away with menopause! I guess…
  • I occasionally get ocular migraines and I agree running would certainly not be safe during one of those. I do sympathize with you. I’m thinking it’ll be a few more years until preventative medicine catches up.
  • Yeah, I’m with all of you. I was just reaching for any hope. I’m usually out of commission for four days with pain and nausea.
  • Getting back into shape and losing weight so I can keep up with my newborn for many more years to come. I’m 43. I’ve had more energy since I started this (five days so far).
  • Yes!!!!! And when I don’t do it for a while I find myself getting shorter temper and overall more stressed. It’s a great way to balance your brain chemicals.