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  • Just wanted to say best wishes. My son is a T1. He was diagnosed at 8. It's such a challenging condition to live with, let alone lose weight. Best of luck!
  • I wish I knew the answer to this riddle myself, (Not for me, I've been married for 30 years) but for others. I'm gonna go with what some others here have said: right place, right time, dumb luck. That's all I can attribute my relationship to. My husband and I married at 20 so its not like we were experienced or worldly! I…
  • Welcome! I would say just try to be consistent and know that once you've built up your record of frequent and recent foods, tracking gets much much faster. Good luck!
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  • I will be 50 in 2 weeks. I've been logging my food and doing intermittent fasting for about 15 months now. I've lost close to 80 pounds with another 23 to go to reach my goal. I have chronic health problems including Rheumatoid Arthritis, hypothyroidism, and Type 2 diabetes. All nicely controlled thanks to the weight loss.…
  • I believe it has been the key to my success. I have dinner around 6pm and don't eat again until 8:30am daily. I've lost close to 80 pounds over the past year and a half. I also track my food with MFP in order to make sure I have a deficit, but I really believe the IF brings everything together.
  • I've lost about 75 pounds and had to buy clothes at different stages along the way. It was crazy the first time because I had to keep leaving the dressing room to get smaller and smaller sizes! I must have tried on 15 pairs of pants before I figured out my new size. I suggest you just have fun with it and buy things that…
  • Hello and welcome! I have lost and regained my whole life and I have to say that using MFP has been extremely effective for me. I'm 14 months in and 80 pounds down. I have another 20-30 to go and then I plan to use it to help me maintain the loss. Best wishes!
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  • Hi Lori. You and I have the same goal. I'm about 70 pounds along now and I can't begin to express what a positive impact it has made on my life! I'll be 50 this year so I don't lose weight quickly like I did when I was younger, but as they say: slow and steady wins the race. Welcome and best wishes!
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  • I usually have something small an hour after I wake up. I've never been much of a breakfast person. I was that way even as a kid.
  • I think that's a great goal and it can be done, just remember: slow and steady wins the race. You're much more likely to lose the weight and keep it off if you make consistent progress over time rather than rushing yourself. Good luck! :smile:
  • Nice! I'm right on your heels at 75 pounds, and yest it is a lot of hard work and determination. High five!
  • I definitely retain more fluid after a salty meal. It usually takes a couple of days to dissipate.
  • I do a lot of nutrition bars along with a glass of milk. My favorite are Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate. On work days I eat them for breakfast and lunch. i throw a couple in my bag and off I go. I've never been much of a breakfast or lunch fan so these suit my lifestyle. that's just me, however. It works for me. I…
  • I can totally relate to what you're saying. I've lost almost 75 pounds in the last year and a half, but it's not the first time! Weight loss is easy for me, it's the maintenance that's the hard part. I feel that using MFP has really helped me stay focused this time around. Good luck and I hope you meet your goals.
  • That is wonderful! I'm very happy for you. I have been at this a year and I think I'm getting close. How did you chose a "goal weight"? was it based on BMI or something else? I'm having trouble deciding on a final goal weight so I'm curious how others do it. Did yours change?
  • I find that I need as much accountability as possible to keep me on track. By skipping things like logging my food and weighing in daily, it gets a little to easy to backslide. These are habits that I have built into my day and take up so little time that its no big deal, but it keeps me honest with myself and keeps my…
  • I am anxious to hear to answer to this question as well. I've lost about 70 pounds and have lots of saggy, baggy skin! From what I've read it depends on a lot of factors: your age, how many years you were overweight, muscle tone, how fast you lost your weight, genetics, etc. I've also read that it takes a about two years…
  • I guess if there's one thing I would suggest it would be to make changes you can live with so that you're more likely to stick with them. My husband has been losing weight too and we talk about this a lot. He prefers a more "keto" approach while I just like logging my food and keeping my calories low enough to lose. We're…
  • Thanks so much for all the encouragement!
  • that's awesome! I love it when that scale finally budges. :smiley:
  • I guess I've stumbled upon a very hot topic here. Thanks everyone for the comments and insight. I would never describe what I'm doing as a "journey" either. That just sounds silly to me. For those of you who suggested that I keep it to myself so that people don't feel the need to comment - I have. However, after nearly 70…
  • I wasn't expecting so many responses! I agree that the word diet has many connotations, some good, some bad. I guess I didn't explain my irritation well enough: What gets under my skin is when people say things like, "You can't eat that - you're on a diet!" or "She won't eat with us, she's on a diet!" Maybe once I've been…
  • Awesome!