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  • Good for you! My humble advice? Do a bulk first - add an extra 400 calories to your maintenance (1700?) every day - keep up the high protein - and lift weights as hard and as often as you can. With perseverance you'll beef up. In a few months, move over to a cut to reveal your gains in all their glory 😁👍
  • Please do add me, one and all, for photos of breakfast, humblebrags about workouts, likes of all your statuses, gifs of 'gym fails' and encouraging comments like "noice!", "smashed it", "looking good, champ 👍" and "do you even lift, bro?".
  • I collect friends like they're pokemon - except that I don't (necessarily) have to defeat them in battle first. Add me without fear of rejection - 👍
  • Add me! I'm 39 and working towards having a 6-pack and being able to bench 3x my own bodyweight. Hope to achieve this by next week, but don't mind if it takes longer. I'm working towards my goals by lifting weights every day and cutting all things fun out of my diet. I post tiresome recitals of all my exercise and dietary…
  • Feel free to add me, y'all. ~ I'm 39, and working towards having shredded biceps, ripped abs and 38DD pecs. It's still a long way to go. ~ I hate cardio as much as you do ~ Humble-bragging posts about how much it hurts after leg day? Check. ~ brutally honest open-to-all food diary, including cans of coke for breakfast?…
  • Feel free to add me - I have no standards, I will accept anyone 😁. I have an open diary and I don't lie - if I have steak for breakfast - which I do, sometimes - then that goes in. I'm 38 and I my goal is to have a 6-pack and be able to bench-press something that looks heavy. Add me and I will like your statuses, post…
  • Occasionally I look at other people in the weights area - the reasons are typically... - I am killing time between sets and have to look somewhere - someone is doing an exercise I haven't seen before - someone has a technique and/or physique which I look up to - someone is lifting *heavy* and it's interesting to watch…
  • Good for you! I had a semi-successful stint with keto, but in the end avoiding carbs was just too difficult (and low carb veggies too unappetising 😁).
  • 38yo here - 5'9 and 62kgs - hoping to lose fat and gain muscle through diet and HIIT/weights. The more friends I have the better, whatever the goals and stats, so please do add me!