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  • whole wheat bread with a T of peanut butter and banana slices. Awesome snack a few hours before a workout :)
  • I try to focus on the feeling I know I will have when I finish it! There is really no feeling like the one you get after a kickass workout!
  • Maple brown sugar oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a half scoop of vanilla protein. With a cut up apple on top :D delicious and filling.
  • Name: Kaci Age:25 Height: 5'7" Total weight lost: 40 lbs Time it took to lose: 2 years (but 25 lbs of it was lost in the last 6 months as I finally got strict with my nutrition) How long in maintenance: 2 months Maintenance weight range: 150-155 Average weight recorded from 2018: 178 Average weight recorded from January:…
  • I will definitely check out the maintenance forum. WHen I say "strict calorie counting", I lost my weight by counting literally everything, at a deficit of 1 pound a week. The weight was just melting off. Additionally, I workout almost every day, pretty intensely. I will admit that once I went into maintenance, I…
  • Please do not try to lose 2 lbs a week.... Go for losing 1 lb to a half pound a week. It is a much more healthy way to lose weight, especially at your size. And more sustainable in the long run.
  • You can build some muscle but will eventually plateau. You have to continue adding more and more resistance to your workouts to continue to build muscle. Body weight moves are fantastic for toning though!! Just don't expect to get "swole" :smile:
  • I also work a desk job 8 hours of the day. It was difficult to find the time to workout at first. But just like anything, you need to find a set time each day and turn it into a habit. For me, I go work out immediately after I leave work. The worst thing you can do is go home first! Pack a bag before work and hit the gym…
  • Congrats on taking the first step! Just remember to ease into it. It is a life style change and that takes time! Do not give up if you go off track every once in a while.
  • I tried to IF for a week and it was the worst week of my life. I was hangry all day at work. I think I will stick to counting calories and healthy snacks throughout the day. Lost 20 lbs so far doing this. Plus I think those around me would prefer that as well :)
  • My motivation is fitting back into my favorite pair of jeans... Also, my mom is really healthy (she is 51 with nearly a 6 pack!) She is a huge motivator. I look forward to the day where I can kick her a** in our workouts! lol
  • What helps me throughout the day (especially at work) is I spread out everything I brought for lunch. Instead of eating it all at once, i may only eat my sandwich first. Then once I feel hungry again, I will eat the half avocado. Then when I feel hungry again I will eat the grapes, and so on and so on.
  • I've been craving a giant IHOP breakfast, along with pizza all day. So badly to the point where I'm literally looking up food menus of my favorite local restaurants. Ugh. Thanks TOM. I just want to say thank you guys for creating and posting on this forum. It really helped to talk myself through the cravings and they have…