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  • The body is like that sometimes... I keep all of my weight in my hips and butt, so you'd think that would be where I would lose since there's so much of it there, right? Nope, 9 times out of 10 when I do measurements the number going down is my chest! Thanks, body. :# You said that your stomach has been reducing in size…
  • Wow, you look great!! Doing it for your health is so, so important. It sounds like you've got excellent priorities, which is a great foundation for a lasting change. Just keep doing what you're doing, it's working!
  • Thanks! I love it too, definitely going to see about tailoring it or reusing it in some way once I'm at my goal weight.
  • Thank you everyone for your wonderful encouragement, it's such a boost! @ManlyMutt Congratulations on the milestone, that's amazing. We can do it, we just have to keep going forward! :smiley:
  • Today I entered the world of selfies. I nearly cried. I took a picture of myself and thought, "She's pretty. The girl in this picture is pretty." Not "as *close* to pretty as I'm ever going to get", not "my hair looks okay I guess" or "this could be worse". I actually feel like, at least in this picture, I'm pretty. I…
  • I had an amazing opportunity that I wasn't able to take full advantage of because of chronic pain, either originating from or at the least exacerbated by my morbid obesity. I pushed myself hard during that time because I didn't want to have regrets, but there were things I still wasn't able to do because of my body holding…
  • I plan to log. I feel like it's worth the minimal effort to do it. Rather, it's just not worth the risk to let it lapse and be part of the statistic of people who gain it all back.
  • Before I started on myfitnesspal, I used a keto calculator to get my TDEE and macros, and on it was a projections forecast. I hadn't paid it much heed but I seemed to be going at around the same pace it suggested, though I managed to pull ahead of it, as it were.
  • Thank you! It's so exciting, I feel so energized now for the next year and the next goal! :blush:
  • I'm a proponent of structured cheat days. I give myself 2-3 days (I say 3, but sometimes I'm just over "bad foods" by 2 and ready to get back on the horse) a month at the same time every month, and I personally feel like they keep me on track more than they hinder me. I can't eat as much as I used to after sticking with my…
  • If you have a menstrual cycle keep in mind that this will make you gain water weight even when eating a deficit! I'm in deficit and I still have peaks and valleys every month that are easily tracked to my cycle. While eating out frequently never hindered your weight loss before, also keep in mind that you had more wiggle…
  • The inches I've lost in my butt and hips have made me sit further back in the car. I noticed the other day that where my knees were digging into the glove compartment before, now I've got at least two inches of extra space! :lol:
  • Rosemary chicken and brussels sprouts in cream sauce. Very good, though I went a bit heavy handed on the thyme thinking it was the rosemary. :#
  • Thanks for the insight and support! It's hard to lose the anxiety even when things are going right. I've been down this road before too many times, and I want to make sure I do it right this time.
  • To be able to shop anywhere instead of going to a specialty store or the three racks pushed in the back at Wal-Mart. :neutral:
  • EDIT: Ah, I misread your post. Agreed with the poster below!
  • Weight loss doesn't look like a diagonal line moving steadily downwards, it's more like a rollercoaster track of ups and downs as your body adjusts, as you digest foods throughout the day, as you gain temporary water weight. If you are a person who has periods, this will affect your weight! I gained almost ten pounds of…
  • Measuring bodies is also not a 100% science. Maybe they measured a little higher on your thigh this time, or maybe they pulled the measuring tape more taut last time. I can't even get consistent results on my own body.
  • The good news is you don't have to exercise at all to lose weight. I have back problems that make even light walking difficult, and I have just hit 60 lbs. lost doing *no* extra exercise. The necessary things for me were: - Figuring out my base metabolic rate and daily energy expendature (MFP can help with this) - Eating…
  • Congratulations!!! Speaking as someone who has been fat since my earliest memories, can I say that I am so so proud of you?? I feel like it's a little harder for people who have lived with childhood obesity, because we don't even know what healthy eating habits are or what a healthy adult body feels like. We have to train…
  • That's your problem, then. It really is important to use the scale.
  • 1. Weigh everything on a food scale. So many times I thought my calories were accurate but measurements like cups are just too inaccurate. 2. Weight fluctuates. Remember that you're not always going to go in a straight line down. As long as you're on top of your calories, don't stress! Right now you might just be carrying…
  • Brussels sprouts! Pretty stereotypical "yuck" food but add some healthy fat, garlic and seasoning? Mmm mmm.
  • Ketosis for the first few months and 20 lbs. weight loss in the first month tracks. I had around the same, it's well known that you shed a ton of water weight when you start ketosis. You can't expect that dramatic drop to continue, regardless of your weight loss plan. I'm on low-carb because of issues with sugar and…
  • I have been on various diets for decades and as a self-admitted chocoholic, it was always the hardest thing to cut out completely, so I don't. I eat one piece of individually-wrapped Dove dark chocolate a day; 42 calories, 5 carbs, the only processed sugar I have in my diet and very much worth it because I can't miss what…
  • Speaking as someone currently living a low carb lifestyle on keto... I would question this person's credentials if they are claiming ketosis is the *only* way to lose fat, or that ketosis guarantees all weight loss will be fat. It's just not true. Ketosis itself isn't the magic bullet to weight loss or a healthy diet.
  • I've been on my weight loss journey since the end of December and had a couple of these stalls in the past months. It's hard to get back on track because it's the easiest thing in the world not to. In my experience, the motivation isn't going to spark out of nowhere, you've got to push through the demotivation for a couple…
  • I would often buy clothes I wanted in the largest sizes the store had, and sometimes they still wouldn't fit me. I'd save them anyway, for "later". Later is now! Two of the shirts I couldn't even get on when I bought them now fit me. I can't wait until they're too big for me like the rest of my clothes.
  • My PMS is a beast. My diet barely survived it last month, cravings never hit me so hard. I'm liking the idea of meeting it head on and taking on some kind of compensational deficit so you can splurge a little more on the bad days. I might have to try it this month if things get dicey again.
  • Chicken avacado lettuce wrap "tacos". Pretty tasty!