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  • I read somewhere on Instagram: when I come out of the quarantine I want to look like a snack, not like I ate all the snacks in the house. I like that, I'll keep going in that direction.
  • I had a slight meltdown after not being able to fit into a dress that I've sewn for myself, so that's my current motivation, to sculpt some areas of my body and rock any type of dresses that I fancy.
  • This may sound very silly, but last night my brother asked me if I wanted a toast with melted cheese in between the slices, because he made it for himself but realized it'd be too much for him. So I said not now, but leave it on the plate, I might eat in the morning. Sure enough, the toast was waiting for me when I woke up…
  • I have an old T-shirt, from about two years ago, which was a requirement for one of the jobs. I ordered the size M, because that's what usually worked best for me. I think I was about 66 kg at the time. Anyway, the shirt arrived and I could barely put it on. It was suffocating me! Whoever made that shirt didn't know…
  • I thought that was just me!
  • At the wedding this Saturday: "You look stunning!" "You look amazing!" "You really put up a good work keeping the weight off" "You shine!" "That dress looks loose on you, it should be tighter." - a female friend. The bold one is my favorite.
  • I want to look stunning in all type of dresses.
  • There's never an age limit on studded hoodies, especially if they're black or red!
  • That I'll suddenly stop eating ham and other products like that, because I don't have any need for them. it just bunches up the calories, and it has no nutritional value. One day I looked at the ham we have at home and was like, nope. I don't need you. I still eat meat, but not as heavily processed, and in lesser…
  • My NSV makes me very happy. I have had a particular pair of jeans that look soooooo good on me but they were always too tight around the stomach, so the upper part of the belly fat would just pour out of it, and I had to suck in everything I had to get into them. I've kept them with me for AGES, and yesterday I tried them…
  • I was off for a few weeks because I have work + work-related education every day of the week except for Friday. I was under-eating because of the workload, until I found out that the school I'm working in offers catering lunch for an acceptable price. There are always about three options on the menu, and I (mostly) choose…
  • 1000 over your daily intake is barely considered a maintenance. It's really not so bad that you have to be furious with yourself.
  • My legs, my hips, my waist, my boobs.
  • I don't find counting calories hard at all, the scale is pretty accurate, and if I have multiple calories in the database for the same meal, I'll go for the highest number.
  • That you'll hit a bit of a roadblock 4 months into losing, when you'll feel that nothing makes sense any more. Take a deep breath, reset your mind and keep going. You didn't get this far to stop now.
  • I am 5.6 kg away from my goal weight, (I'm 63.6 now, I was 67 when I started in April, so yay!) and my mini goal is to be at least 60 kg when I come back to the local Toastmasters club in November, where everyone remembered me as being my old size, which was about 70kg. My other mini goals is to increase my time on the…
  • Two months is definitely not nearly enough to start making assumptions about your body. There are so many exercise videos that focus on the butt and the legs, surely you can follow them and with persistence there will be results. You can't possibly be alone in this journey because we're all here, counting calories and…
  • Look, from my experience I'd rather stick to the diet plan and calorie counting, incorporate goal exercises every single day, than be in the status quo and hate the way I look when I take my clothes off. I can't risk not losing weight just because one part of my body will or will not get trimmed, because there's no way of…
  • "You've lost weight, haven't you? I can see your face is slimmer." - My grandma.
  • I have two! I was trying out new clothes at the shop yesterday, and since it's notorious for long waiting lines, as well as hot cabins, in order to rush with things I successfully pushed down and pulled back up a skirt that fits snugly around my waist - twice! The material is polyester with no stretch, and the skirt has a…
  • I mean that your butt is amazing already. it looks like genetics work in your favor, so don't stop doing what you're doing. I was about your weight at one point, and mine was still flat although now it's starting to take shape. Yours is nice and perky, so it's highly unlikely you'll lose it as you count your calories. You…
  • You've done awesome before, you can do awesome again. Keep it up!
  • I want anyone from my elementary or high school, who happen to cross my path again, look at me and think damn, she's hot and she's changed so much. I'll be 34 years old in a few days, it's high time that I make that a personal year full of sexiness and health.
  • I sew, so I take my measurements to make sure I have the right size pattern cut out. Welp, my bust has been in the 18-20 range (102-107cm), but this morning I've measured 96 cm with a bra, and 94 without one! Now I'm officially between sizes 14-16, depending on the finished garment measurement. Note that sewing patterns…
  • While I was working at a customer service for a month last year, they ordered us custom made T-shirts. I chose size M, thinking that it should be fine (I was around my starting weight, 67 kg more or less). It turned out that the shirts are ridiculously heavy-weighted and tight. I felt like I was choking in it, and my belly…
  • I'm currently 63.7 kg, and my mini goal is not to touch the fabric that I had bought or sew anything for myself until I'm at least 63 or even better, 62.7
  • Seeing your pictures, girl, you've got nothing to worry as long as you keep working those glutes. Even when I was at my heaviest, my butt remained a small floppy disk. You've got a beautiful thing going on there and losing weight will only accentuate it, as you keep practicing.
  • I want to turn my floppy disk *kitten* into a firm, round *kitten*, naked and clothed, so that my future boyfriend will enjoy it too. God I hope we're mostly adults here. That no guy will ever even attempt playing the "she's fat and ugly and will settle for anything so I can treat her like *kitten*" card. I'm quite sick of…
  • I have a few: I met my friend who two and a half months ago knew that I started a new food regimen. She said: wow, you're really taking weight loss seriously, aren't you?! (Actually, yes, I am, thank you for asking.) She also said that I don't need to lose more, but that she knows that I have my goal weight firmly set in…