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  • Just curious, can hiking build leg muscles, and / or at least reduce muscle loss while downsizing? I'm a big dude, and when I hike up 700', my legs get work. And when I come down, I tend to feel it in my core. I've played with a couple of these online BMI calculators, and if I lose say 40 pounds, they're estimating it…
  • How long did it take to lose the weight? Good job.
  • Yes, have a medical evaluation. In today's world, we also have many people even below classic "sedentary" business jobs. Jobs from home, where excercise is walking to the mailbox. So I think many would still benefit from 30 minutes, even 15 minutes, walking FiFi. (Bring water if concerned.)
  • No one has mentioned excercise? Years ago I got back in gear. Lost 10 pounds, stalled. Eating low fat cottage cheese, one small healthy burrito, etc. Not much for a man 6'6". Choosing to walk large flights of stairs at mass transit helped shed more pounds. Upping cardio from 30 minutes to 1 hour was a big key for me.…
  • Loaded question w/out enough facts. When in high school I was tall and likely burning 4,000 - 6,000 CPD. Swimming, basketball, walking every day. Skin and bones. Extremely tough to put weight on. I ate 3 large bread sandwiches a day at school. At least one may have been peanut butter and butter on the large wheat bread…
  • Lighter hike yesterday, just 45 minutes. Then 45 minutes lifting in the garage. Not lifting like I did when 28 ... starting off modest. Three or 4 sets, minimum 10 reps, dumbbells. Trying to keep as much muscle as I can as I lose weight, if possible. I'm hoping hiking works the legs... feels like it. (I've read discussions…
  • My family in the Twin Cities say the mosquito is the state bird!
  • Are ulcers possible? ... I had my first big problem from a very acidic breakfast that wiped me out for a few days, in bed... through reading I learned about alkaline eating ... I went big on cucumbers (filling, low calorie) mixed with other goodies... chick peas, black beans, corn... and walking 1, then 2 hours a day. (I…
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  • There are other weight formulas, one example is one from the Navy. A few account for different body types. The US CDC BMI calculator said I should weigh between 160 and 215 pounds! I am 6'6" and graduated from high school at maybe 175 pounds, and I ocassionally got hurtful comments on how I should gain weight. As a mature…
  • For whatever it is worth, I had a similiar problem. Big dude, 6'6" ('large wrist'/big boned), lost 5# very fast due to a horrible acid reflux event; then went gonzo on a cucumber /garbanzo bean/ other diet - 800-1,000 CPD - lots of walking, then walking in hot weather for 2 hours combined with intermittent fasting. So I…
  • Didn't "flushing toxins out" come from Scientology? My friend used to say we were doing that in the sauna ... I enjoy the Diet Snapple, and Diet Lemonade varieties.
  • 18, you're still growing! I know a young man that shot up from 6'2" to 6'8" from 18 to 20!
  • Good for you! When younger, I was always amazed at tall gals wanting to be petite, petite wanting to be tall, busty gals wanting to be small chested, smaller gals wanting to be bigger, etc. Be we are generally off the trail on weight. Around 2000 I was in Prague chatting with a local and we noticed someone across the…
  • Is it true people on Keto don't track calories / quantities? quiksylver296 - great abs! (I'll never have at 6'6", mid 50s.) But I can hike 700' uo and back now, no problemo. Progress.
  • How does it track volume? (Weight?)
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  • I don't count smaller life activities in my daily excercise, trimming trees or such. I do enter specific, intentional excercising - initially walking (1-2 hours), treading water, hiking. I roughly aim to eat back 50% of excercise calories; sometimes more, sometimes less. When I recently joined MFP I was way undereating -…
  • Treading water / swimming less taxing than some other activities.
  • No tricks!? Well, my new home has peaches & figs ripening. A fresh peach off the tree - WOW!
  • An overweight person in my life, who has been on 5 different eating plans, has told me 3 times I am "obsessed". I told her no, I'm committed, focused, and learning.
  • Tip for those trying to lose water weight. Swim or tread water! When you get out, you pee like a MoFo. Apparently in water your blood surrounds vital organs (to retain heat?), and for other reasons? There is a medical term I forgot for the process. With the combination of blood and water, the body senses too much fluid,…
  • If you're big boned (wrist over 7.5"), your optimal weighf could be higher. FYI.
  • Light probably a poor term. Worked smaller (?) Muscle groups. Shoulder - front raise & lateral raise (dumbells); triceps (only 1 exercise); and obliques.
  • Chilly cow ice cream bar for a treat, 110 calories, far lower fat.
  • Thank you for the insight. Fighting to get to 280, just did light lifting 2 nights, and up 2.5 pounds from yesterday. Only other major change was no 2-hour hike or treading water yesterday. No big salt intake. Ugh. Your insight adds a new possibility, blood / water retention for the upper body areas worked? The good thing…
  • You gotta see the movie Yesterday! NorCal.
  • It will vary. I actually lost weight a few days on my 'off (movie) day'. I hit a wall, and folks here suggested I up my intake and protein. (I was way undereating.) Keep the faith.
  • Hey folks, newer here. Half way to my current goal. Tall guy, formerly athletic, fast progress spurred by a horrible acid reflux stupidity breakfast, where I dropped 10 pounds in a week. 6'6" SW: 315 CW: 282 GW: 245? Recently averaging 2.7#s loss per week. Hiking, treading water. MFP members urged me to eat more! Suggested…