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  • Some people have been honestly supportive but there are others that should keep the negative comments to themselves !!! People that have no clue can’t stop giving me advice. They say wow your too skinny ( I’m 8 lbs from my optimum weight ) my rebuttal is I think the majority of Americans are overweight and not used to…
  • I have 8 lbs to go I want to be between 130 & 135 . I’m 5”1 Wasn’t easy but took me almost 1 yr. you can do it, I have been to many nutritional Dr’s but not one helped me all they wanted to do was push pills ! I have IBS so this has been a journey to eat healthier in addition to weight loss . I eat as much organic & grass…
  • I have a gratitude journal normally I write that I’m thankful for so many things in my life . For the first time I’m celebrating my new journey taking better care of myself. Tomorrow I am thankful for myself I’m pampering myself doing what I want to do. Not doing what society or family tells us to do . For the 1st time I’m…
  • A friend gave me his Nija , he got a new bullet . My smoothies never came out good in my blender always too frothy . Learning to use this . Can you share any helpful hints . This one is silk milk, kefir, beet greens / liquid, plain yogurt, frozen straw, left over fruit . Is that too many ingredients ? Used about 1/2-1 cup…
  • Good luck ! You can do it I’m back too started using App about 3 yrs ago lost 10 lbs gained that & more back . Best thing for me is I don’t care what people say anymore. I walk at lunchtime now & it’s sad when people try to discourage you , my boss said I saw you walking today “ you walk too slow” my advice take control !…
  • Thanks for all of the helpful advice & that was a type . I’ve been on a streak of 26 days not weeks ( haha feels like weeks sometimes ) tried the app 3 years ago gave up all too soon but I’m back now . Trying to educate myself the best I can with weight loss concerns. How often do you weigh yourself ? Don’t want to get…