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  • I feel like you could use a training plan or something to give you structure but mainly to help you channel your energy and motivation. Like some sort of career in this space, just not sure what haha. Then you could experiment to your hearts content, but it would be legit and hopefully much safer and still fun
  • You look absolutely radiant! I’m curious about your upcoming trek as well, but also, care to share your findings as you started to tighten up your logging? Anything unexpected or surprising you found, if you could spare some time 🙂 I think it could be really cool for others in the same boat to see!
  • Long shot but sometimes the app will allow you to login under both your username and email. I’ve never seen the data under either be different, but could you try both to see if one of them might have it? Another thing to try is a different device. Though it does really seem like the system deleted you all’s data, hope MFP…
  • Oops sorry I meant starting weight of 460+50=510 still somewhat close to scale limit, using the verified 460 weight and assuming the 50lb drop was real. Though I will say I used to store my digital scale on its side and got gibberish results if I didn’t first calibrate it every time I set it back down on a hard surface.
  • I hope you share if you do get another blood panel done! I think you mentioned increasing exercise, so curious for sure if that moved the HDL needle. I understand that you’re looking to improve your health but also can’t resist the aesthetics of dropping lbs fast especially since you seem to be able to do it.
  • Your questions about scale limits are giving me similar ideas. For instance, the starting 480 reported is within limits but 480+50=530 seems pretty close to the 550 limit. Possibly the scale just performed incorrectly for those initial readings, and then finally somehow recalibrated itself (there’s a process that has to be…
  • I teach at a Y, too! As far as I know, child watch is included with membership, but for some people who take my classes, staffing can be spotty. It’s not an everyday thing; just some days they setup thinking they can workout with me but then get called out and have to leave. My location is very strict on certain policies…
  • I love it, too! My favorite is the butterscotch flavor. It was the first thing I’d eaten in a long time that reminded me how it feels being sated after a meal or snack. Like it plugged a hole in my stomach lol
  • I didn’t realize they had a volunteer zapper role. Used to be you had to be a full moderator to be able to zap spam, which of course requires much more time commitment. As you said there were pages and pages of this disgusting stuff and I wouldn’t expect people to click into each post so they each get five spam flags and…
  • The problem was out of the galaxy horrific and extremely unprofessional. Moderators have to sleep, too, therefore those hooker ads stayed up for at least five hours. It’s pretty shameful these are the tools moderators and Staff are given to work with, but I guess forums like this are a relic anyway. Maybe that’s why they…
  • I think I much better understand what you’re working on now! Your spreadsheet reminded me of a similar spreadsheet I made eons ago but for debt repayment. I was calling around to understand interest rates, bill dates on which the next interest would be calculated and charged etc and I remember one of the call center ladies…
  • I think it could feel a bit strange to give you feedback like “weigh your slices of bread” while you have a process that tolerates a margin of 1000+ calories. I did want to look in your diary, though. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out how to do it on iOS mobile
  • Hi! Could you share how long the scale has been stalled please?
  • Four full pages of disgusting posts of hiring sex workers. No way I’m opening each of those posts to flag them. It’s like they’re trying to take down the forums permanently, the disgusting mother *kitten* 🤮
  • I don’t understand your comments since you do have premium. Did you only recently get it? Otherwise why are you so sure that the feature doesn’t lock out non-premium members?
  • That regular exercise doesn’t automatically mean you’re thin?
  • Depends what the alternatives are 🤔
  • Wow, what an interesting article as I happen to be a Nigerian (I live in Ohio) who never stopped eating palm oil despite the bad rap it seemed to be getting. And now to find out that at least some of it was financially motivated. “No, no don’t cultivate your local crop, import ours instead” 😏
  • Uh… yeah I’ll bite 😁 So, what theoretically happens if someone were to switch all their oil consumption to coconut oil? Thanks in advance!
  • One workaround is to use some other lockable box for hot or cold storage, and then lock its key in the kitchen safe. It’s just you lose a cute, transparent, convenient electronic lock box, adding that extra hassle into retrieving the item. Feature or bug? User’s call 🙃