Lost all food history/data?

Has anyone else lost all of their food data (premium account)? I have been using the app for a few years so have lots of recipes and meals created, history of scanned foods, etc. used the app fine as recently as yesterday and when I woke up this morning it made me log into
the app again (which was odd) and all my history is now gone. It knows enough to recognize my “day streak” but nothing else. All recipes, even yesterdays diary logs are gone. Probably no hope to recover it but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

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  • karahm78
    karahm78 Posts: 505 Member
    I have this EXACT issue today…. Streak is there but all data in my log is gone. My weight loss graph is also gone, which is interesting as my streak shows weight lost so assume the data is there somewhere
  • cjdbu847
    cjdbu847 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too!
  • Idebutterpiep
    Idebutterpiep Posts: 2 Member
    Me too by changing from a Samsung S20+ to a Samsung S23 Ultra.
  • thepranavj
    thepranavj Posts: 2 Member
    Basically had this same exact issue today too, super frustrating. Stopped using the app for a few days because I was on vacation and when I started the app today it made me log in and now I don't have any of my history. None of my usual meals are in my history to quickly add to the dairy. The app shows my log-in streak and says my total weight loss amount, but doesn't seem to have any of my historical information for what my calories or macros were. This is a huge issue for me because I like seeing the trends over time, please bring the data back because it seems to show up on web, but just not on my iPhone app anymore.
  • MelodyandBarbells
    MelodyandBarbells Posts: 7,725 Member
    Long shot but sometimes the app will allow you to login under both your username and email. I’ve never seen the data under either be different, but could you try both to see if one of them might have it?

    Another thing to try is a different device.

    Though it does really seem like the system deleted you all’s data, hope MFP is able to help you recover it.
  • Maryb521
    Maryb521 Posts: 1 Member
    Did this ever get resolved? It just happened to me!
  • dajarvie
    dajarvie Posts: 2 Member
    Is there a way to fix this- I just had the same problem tonight and 3 years of history gone plus I can no longer access my premium account though I paid through 1/6/2024
  • kimmorris33
    kimmorris33 Posts: 1 Member
    I have not upgraded to premium yet but found myself logged out of the app this morning & then discovered all of my food history was gone once I was logged back in- so frustrating!!
  • chuong559
    chuong559 Posts: 1 Member
    I have exact same issue today. Suddenly logged out WHILE using app. Logged in with facebook and user name, neither saw old data
  • graceestes2
    graceestes2 Posts: 1 Member
    hey guys- the same thing happened to me unfortunately and i cannot find a long term fix which really sucks, but if you do have a specific weight log/recipe that is important to you and your website data is intact you can go in and “edit” it, but not actually change anything, save it, and it will pop back up on your app. I know this obviously isn’t a great solution, especially if you’ve had the app for a decent amount of time and have accumulated lots of data so it would take way too much time to manually do that for every individual food that you’ve logged over the years, but you can at least do some important weight logs and recipes, and perhaps food from the last week so it appears that you have some data. It’s not great, but it’s the best solution I’ve found unfortunately. Once again: on a specific entry like a recipe, weight log, or individual food log, you can go in on the website, click edit, change nothing, then save it and it should reappear on your app.
  • smtsjh
    smtsjh Posts: 1 Member
    I was at around 2900 days Feb of 2016 I think ... and now I have perhaps two years and then the rest of the dates show zero. I've tried several things with the help of the tech's but nothing.
  • weatherman22
    weatherman22 Posts: 2 Member
    Many of my recent food items have suddenly disappeared on the Android App yet are there when I log on to the website, though on the website you can't just type in the search box and have suggestions from your food history to appear. Tried syncing too. Just uninstalled and reinstalled and hasn't fixed it - noticed that doing this has wiped my food entries on the diary - hopefully that's just a slow sync
  • emjhance
    emjhance Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 13

    Anyone have any updates?
  • veganbeats
    veganbeats Posts: 1 Member
    Facing the same issue as well. All of my saved foods have been deleted.

    I've been a premium member for years and the continuous tech issues on this app are frustrating.
  • thegrimms8540
    thegrimms8540 Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 19
    I had same issue, I deleted app and reinstalled……this brought back all of my info with no issues. I just did it this evening 1/19/24
  • rrw07
    rrw07 Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 26
    Did anyone get this fixed? It’s happened to mine too. I’ve lost all food entries for years!
  • harrislevy
    harrislevy Posts: 1 Member
    I had same issue. Was asked to sign in and all the data entries for 4 years gone; was very disappointed;

    but then saw the suggestion to delete the app and reinstall……i did this and it brought back all of my info with no issues. I just did it this evening 2/6/24
  • lucasandersen1
    lucasandersen1 Posts: 1 Member
    I have the same issue. all my data is gone and my premium isn't available anymore. I have deleted and reinstall but the issue persists. Any other suggestions?
  • mpen43
    mpen43 Posts: 1 Member
    Same thing happened to me this evening. I tried deleting and reinstalling app, but that didn't work either!