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  • I had a similar issue with using almond milk - but I've never had a problem when I use soy milk. Are you able to use soy milk in your baking?
  • *Puts hand up* Hi there. I'm vegan & happy to have new friends if you'd like to add me :)
  • Adelaide here - heaps good! (I'm not originally from here, so I still find that saying amusing). :)
  • Ooooh! I have been an avid spectator of my local league for about 3 years. I adore derby and desperately wished I could grow the balls to get involved, but I’ve never skated, not even as a kid. Last week I went to a fresh meat info night with a couple of friends, for another league in my city who have a reputation for…
  • Your use of language is interesting. Why have you decided to become vegan? Is it health or ethics related?
  • I am the only child of my parents' marriage, and both parents re-married and had more kids. My parents are average height (dad is 5'11 and mum is 5'7) but my mum has really tall siblings (no-one is under 6ft) and the woman my dad had his other kids with also comes from a really tall family, so out of my dad's kids - there…
  • Woo hoo! Well done you!
  • I tried that finger overlap thing....I have a 6.8in wrist and my fingers overlap by about an inch.....ET fingers FTW! (I am 6ft and very large framed). All you girls who have posted pics are super inspiring, by the way :smile:
  • Bump for later
  • I'm vegan and very interested in increasing my raw intake. I'm maybe 60-65% raw at the moment. Happy to have new friends!
  • I have Robert's book and it's great. He is such a positive person, and I think that in itself is inspiring :)
  • The Muppet Movie - I had the soundtrack on cassette and can still sing along today. Bedknobs and Broomsticks - O, I spent my whole childhood (and a few years beyond) wishing for a bed with brass bedknobs...
  • I'm hoping to be a beautiful bride too, although my wedding is still about 15 months away. Although my fiance would love me on our wedding day in whatever shape I might be, I just don't want to look back at my wedding photos and not be happy with how I looked. I've got lots of weight to lose though, around 37kg or so. So I…
  • My favourite dessert at the moment is a small tub of non-dairy yoghurt, with a scoop (25g) of chocolate protein powder and a teaspoon of ABC nut butter (regular almond or cashew butter would be fine) mixed through. It has the consistency and taste of chocolate mousse. My concoction comes out at 277 cals, 17g carbs, 10g and…
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  • I had this for a long time too. It is manageable (not perfect) now with custom made orthotics. I also found that the acupuncture my podiatrist did helped a lot (albeit rather painful), as did stretching my calf muscles and wearing that completely unsexy strassberg sock at night. Good luck, it is a horrible thing to have.
  • Hello, I'm an Aussie too and vegan. Will add you :)
  • Pretty much the same as the above poster. When I did used to eat meat, I never ever ate veal because that was particularly abhorrent to me. Eating baby cows? C'mon! I can't believe I didn't fill in the blanks and realise that veal is a by-product of the dairy industry. Can anyone say "Embracing the disconnect"?!
  • I work with a personal trainer and he is well worth the money. For form instruction and correction and for confidence (to lift heavier or to row/ride faster than I think I can). The point on form is a big one for me - correct form adds effectiveness and prevents injury.
  • I would've thought you'd have been weaned for a while now....:flowerforyou:
  • For boosting protein without altering my other macros substantially, I can't go past protein powder. I use both rice and pea protein and they are great.
  • I've just checked online and both Coles and Woolworths carry the Kikkoman salt reduced soy sauce. It has a green label.
  • Do you have access to an asian grocery? That's where I get mine.
  • I need to stop looking at this thread in the late afternoon when my belly is rumbling but dinner time is soooo far away! But I'm loving it, you guys have so many awesome ideas! My contribution - tonight I'll be finally utilizing my Spirooli and making zucchini noodles. I'm planning on a "meaty"…
  • Oh yes, she is amazing. The podcasts were the catalyst in my transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. I have to be careful not to listen to too many in a row though, or I get a bit sad! Some of the issues she covers are pretty heavy. Still, so valuable and I'm so thankful. I highly encourage anyone interested in animal…
  • You look amazing. Congratulations on your results!
  • An animal sanctuary I love has the quote - "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?" Sums it all up for me :smile:
  • I would second Sunwarrior - it's at the upper end of the scale price wise (for a rice protein) but it's also at the upper end of the scale for taste and smoothness. Rice protein can be really chalky, but I find that not to be the case with Sunwarrior. I use a pea protein as well, but I'm in Australia so I'm not sure if a…
  • We're everywhere....muhahahahahaha.....:)
  • I'm just over 6ft tall, I'm currently around 267 and my goal is 185-190. I have quite a large frame, and a decent muscle mass to preserve, so I think trying to get lower than that would be some wishful thinking!
  • Me :)
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