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  • Thanks so much for this recipe! These will definitely become a staple. So easy to make and virtually no mess. I made mine with chocolate peanut butter whey protein powder (GNC Amp) instead of the pb2, white chocolate chips instead of dark, and sprinkled all the chips over the top instead of stirring in. Cut mine into 4…
  • Make deviled eggs with hummus instead of mayo! Delicious. Edit: Sorry @Lesa_Sass didn't see your post yet when I first typed mine :)
  • It sounds like you're doing completely no carb except fruit, not just no dairy or gluten. That's probably why you're starving. Eat some whole grains. They don't all have gluten. Brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat. oatmeal. Also sweet potatoes are awesome.
  • It definitely may be dehydration! I used to get dizzy and think I needed to eat more when I realized I just wasn't drinking enough water. I don't know if you drink coffee but that can also contribute to the dehydration.