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  • I love this. Need to make it again soon. Tastes just as good as a quiche, only it's all vegan This version of an Italian…
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  • Hi Everyone, I've been vegan since last July. It became ethical for me after watching Earthlings. No problems with staying vegan, but my food choices have run amuck. So I'm hoping with all your support to become a fit and healthy vegan. I Do love veggies. Just remembering to log my food, get in that exhilarating exercise!…
  • I use xylitol. There is no aftertaste. You can pretty much use it cup for cup like sugar. DO be careful not to let your pets eat any by accident. It is toxic to them.
  • 3/2/14 Weight: 183.6 Waist: 37" Hips: 43" 4/1/14 Weight:178 Waist:35" Hips:42" I'm feeling more energetic.
  • Yes, DoubleTrouble43, that bookmarklet is awesome!
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  • Regarding your snack: Whenever I have trigger responses and daily habits, that's usually the time to make changes. Like you, I was having daily almond afternoon snacks. I didn't like this, so I threw away all nuts. I don't miss them, and I've been steadily losing weight and inches.
  • So far, still no alcohol! Fridays and Saturdays, I get an itch, but it's like a wave that rolls by; thank goodness. And dark chocolate is on hold. I'm sorry, the scale beckons me. And I belong to another group where we weigh ourselves. I'm feeling I need to change my macros. I've been eating too much. Time to buckle down.…
  • Yep, canned is better. I love Golden Star brand. . My Walmart used to have it. Now I order it from the manufacturer directly.
  • Thanks for starting this. For me it will be wine and martinis. It's been a daily habit with calories that I did log, but I feel I need a break. Started one three days ago, and I swear my back, shoulders feel better already. So this will be a good experiment/experience. Like others, maybe I'll consider nightshades, and dark…
  • So this is Night #1 - Mission accomplished with no alcohol. I got mad with myself this afternoon just thinking of no drinking. I guess my inner teenager was talking and rebelling. Thank goodness things turned around early this evening
  • I drink red wine every night. I know Mark Sisson says it's ok. But lately I feel it's just a bad habit. I recently joined You Booze, You Snooze. I'm not willing to completely give up wine or Martinis. Just thinking about imbibing on Saturday night. And going from there.
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  • I need to set goals. Every night is not cutting it. We all know the benefits of cutting back! Better sleep, better focus the next day... So here is my goal: No drinking alcohol during the week (this includes Friday!) No more than 2 glasses on Saturday. Nothing on Sunday
  • I did marathons and triathlons mostly because I thought I'd lose a butt ton of weight. Not so. The training put a lot of stress on my body. Then too, I felt I "deserved" to eat more because I was in training. Bad choices ensued. In retrospect, I am proud of my achievements, but I no longer feel endurance sports are for me.…
  • Downton Abbey's Thomas Barrow, not because he's gay, but because he's sly, scary, and scandalous. How's that for alliteration! I do think the actor who plays him (Rob-James Collier) does an excellent job portraying the character.
  • Don't go there! Be healthy in your methods to lose weight. You sound desperate and I feel so sorry for you! Check other posts for better ways. And tough as it is currently, be honest with yourself as well as with your boyfriend. Love yourself first!