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  • eat half a dozen of donuts in the morning then more later that day
  • I have lupus feel free to add me as a friend. I was really into running I was running 5-6 miles 3-4 times a week but my lupus went crazy on me and now I cant do as much as I want to thanks to Methotraxte a drug I hate but have to have.
  • I'm trying to eat more healthy but I have no idea how to cook vegetables, I was raised on canned foods and that's so high in sodium. I have started using frozen vegetables, but since spring is here and summer is coming I want to cook fresh veggies on the grill. I have 2 small children and they love vegetables so could you…
  • Joint pain is from your diet?? I have lupus which is a auto immune disease that attacks your joints causing painful joints, I don't think my joint pain is caused from my diet.
  • I have been on a diet for over a year my doctor told me 1200 calories I did that and lost 40 lbs in 4 months then lost another 10 lbs in 2 months then I hit a plateau and couldn't lose weight for nothing this went on for several months. Everybody on MFP kept telling me I needed to do my maintenance calorie for a couple of…
  • Hi there, I'm also back to MFP starting today. I had a bad 2013 and hoping 2014 will be a much better year. My life started a downhill fall last May when a tornado came thru missed my house by 3 blocks so very fornuate there but had no electricity or roof for 2 weeks then I fell in Aug in hurt my back, and I have lupus and…
  • I can gain 2-4 pounds on a weekend and that's usually water gain because I always take Sundays off from the gym, I don't go to overboard with my diet but I don't count my calories that day either. I can be back to where I weighed at Sat morning by Tues.
  • I will add you! I'm usually on here everyday however, the past 2 weeks I have been out of it a little, I have lupus and I'm recovering from a flare and an hip injury from jogging so I have been a little frustrated the past 2 weeks with that said I will be (hopefully) back to myself within the next week and back to counting…
  • I use bodymedia I finally broke down and bought it because I hit a plateau and the scale was not moving for months. I love it and I found out I was burning more calories during the day then what I thought, I got to increase my calories to 1810. I did find out by wearing the bodymedia that MFP gives you more calories for…
  • Eat back the calories. When I first started using MFP it told me to consume 1200 calories which is what I did and I didn't eat back any excerise calories, I go to the gym 6 days a week and for the first 4 months I lost 10 pounds a month then the next 2 months I lost about 5 pounds and then it stopped no matter what I did I…
  • Hi, I will send your a FR, just take it one day at a time and remember you didn't gain weight overnight so you can't lose it overnight. I have been doing this dieting for a whole year now and some days it seems just as hard as in the very beginning.
  • I lost 60 pounds on a 1200 calorie diet for 6 months then I hit a plateau and I haven't lossed any weight at all since Feb, everybody keeps telling me its because my calories was too low and now my body needs to adjust I have increased my calories and still can't lose.
  • I bought my bodymedia back in Nov when I bought it you got 6 months for free, I think they are still offering that. I just renewed the subscription I paid $50.00 for one year so that comes out to a little over $4.00 a month if you buy a year subscription, to me it is worth it I love it.
  • Maybe you need to increase your calories. I lost 50 pounds at 1200 calories a day and then stopped losing I haven't lost any weight at all in in 3 months I increased my calories to 1530 and still not losing. I took the last 2 weeks off (not by my choice) no calorie counting or nothing and guess what I have lost a little…
  • When I was pregnant with my son 5 years ago I had gestational diabetes so I had to really watch what I ate with carbs and sugar I was losing weight and my doctor said it was fine because it was my fat I was losing and not the baby I only gained 14 pounds I craved fruits with him when I was pregnant with my daughter she is…
  • UGh so I went for a walk tonight pushing my daughter in her stroller and we saw 3 snakes, keep in mind I live in the city in a large neighborhood, there is a small creek that goes thru my addition but we don't usually see snakes thru my addition every once in awhile if we had a good rain we might see one on the street…
  • Oh and if it wassn't for my cell phone and or my husband lap time I really think I would go crazy right now, funny how we have come to rely on things that didn't even exist 20 years ago!
  • Thank you everyone for all the suggestions, I think now that some of the shock has worn off and I can actually think straight alot of this makes sense like smaller portions which I already did, jogging in place just simple excersises in my home. I think I'm just so use to going to the gym that I feel like I'm not burning…
  • Hi, I will add you as a friend, I'm a mom of 3. I log my diary daily and workout 6 times a week.
  • Hi! You can add me, I'm a mom of 3 I have lost 57 pounds and have about 35 more to go, currently on a weight loss plateau right now very frustrating! You can do it though one day at a time!
  • I like New Balance but the next pair I get I'm going to a running store where you walk across a computer platform and it tells you what shoes would be best for you, my knees and hips hurt alot after I run and someone told me I need special shoes from a running store.
  • I have the Body media and I love it! I hit a plateau and it wouldn't budge so I got the body media after wearing it for a couple of days I was able to determine I was burning alot more calories at the gym and through out the day then what I had thought and I needed to increase my calories. Most of my t-shirts cover it and…
  • If your doing weights then you may be gainning muscle and muscle weighs more then fat.
  • Contact your local YMCA I bet someone there could tell you what you need to do
  • I felt the same way in the begnning, I wasn't losing weight and I hated they gym and hated how everybody else looked, but I changed my calories and now I'm losing and feel better then ever! I love the work out high I get and actually feel down on Sunday which is my cheat day and day off from the gym! Hang in there!
  • No bills, no responsibilities, getting your drivers license, only having to work PT, alot of people I know hated there teenage years but I say enjoy it while it last because soon enough you will be working full time paying your own bills, up late at night with sick kids or kids that dont want to go to bed
  • I'm also a stay at home mom and I have 33 more pounds to lose, I'm in the same situation as you! I have been doing 1200 calories the past 8 months and I have lost 57 pounds now I can't lose anything. I started running in Jan using the C25 program and now I'm running 3-4 days a week about 2 1/2 miles a day except for Sat…
  • I'm pround that I ate Subway for lunch at Burger King, it was a lunch date with my 4 year old son and thats what he chose for lunch so I went to Subway first got me some lunch and carried it in to Burger King that was tough with Whopper all around me!
  • The only thing that happens to me when doing Jumping Jacks is peeing in my pants, LOL having 3 babies does wonders to your bladder.
  • That sounded just like me I was counting calories working out 5-6 days a week and not losing weight, I spoke with two differnt weight trainners they both told me to increase my calories to 1800-2000 tried that and still didin't lose weight and then finally I had a doctors appt and this doctor told me to decrease my…