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  • Good for you for lacing up and getting out there, especially in winter. (even if a fair climate, lots of holidays to indulge in, awesome that you're out running!) Have you listened to Not Your Average Runner podcast? She's great, especially if a plus sized or slower paced runner. Good combo of insight to equip you and…
  • Passed 400 lifetime miles on my Runkeeper!
  • Definitely have to do something about this mirror, but as the scale goes up during isolation, somehow managed to drop a hoodie size (women's medium) and a jean size (women's us 12). Will take it, crumbum mirror and all!
  • The best story since the virus broke. Thank you for sharing! FANTASTIC job! Might have cried a little bit when the mask came off. 😂
  • You're a runner, homeslice!! That's awesome. A friend of mine HATED running but loved CrossFit (I LOVE running and hate strength training), but after a couple of weeks of CrossFit she went from a painful struggle mile to a 10k at a better pace than mine. Loathe as I am to admit it, that cross training REALLY pays off in…
  • Correction on yesterday's victory, down to my lowest dress size and dropped a pant size. 😊
  • Excuse the funny angle and messy room, this is not a Valentine's outfit... I had a brunch meeting with a a board member who loves to clean out her closet, and she gave me bag of clothing, including a dress in size 10 (and these stunning heels). I'm an L top, 14 pants, and here it is!! 5 dress sizes and 2 shoe sizes down.…
  • Did my fastest 5k tonight in a treadmill workout!
  • Quoting because there is not a part or pixel of this post that isn't 100% admirable. GO girl!! Worthy all over.
  • This is both scale and nonscale but I'm going for it because it blew my mind. I am the same weight today as the day I started my current job nineteen months ago, with a rollercoaster of fluctuations in between. My overall bodyfat is down by 6%. One of those everything changes and nothing changes moments. So motivating!
  • @bobsburgersfan @wnt2bhotgrl @snowflake954 @ladyzherra Thank you!! @SoHowLongIsThisGonnaTake Thank you so much! @NewLIFEstyle4ME throws inspiration all over these forums. And this is the perfect time to say that EVERY time I see your handle, I giggle a little bit. Thanks, all!
  • Oh great!! I'm on my second round listening from her first one, really can't get enough! You've got this, homie.
  • I get a lot of great stuff from the Not Your Average Runner podcast. It's billed for 'mid-life, plus size' women, so not even my exact demographic, but the host can't be beat for her ability to cut right through mental *kitten* and put motivation, accomplishments, and running insights into perspective!
  • Getting over mono, aka working my fitness back up so I can improve. Running a 15k in April, longest race distance yet! (And training, to think of it...) And finally getting under 200 damn pounds!
  • Thank you! This is super helpful. And I LOVE the Boston Fan voice!
  • Just looked back on my Runkeeper, and last year I ran the equivalent of 4 marathons. That's 8 half marathons. Or 17 10ks. Or 34 5ks. I did my first ever 5k a year and a half ago. Running a Marathon by 30 is looking pretty dang possible.
  • Not as much losing weight as just healthy habits, but every so often after a work out I'll have a weird, brief onset of anxiety, especially after evening workouts. I'm sure it's some sort of cortisol/adrenaline thing, but it's one of the more unpleasant parts of my fitness routine. How I can go from singing to myself on…
  • In my family, my mom and I have always been heavy, my brother has always been tall and athletic, and my dad has always been skinny, and he's only lost weight since his autoimmune diagnosis. Today, my dad gave me a shirt that's too small for him and my brother, and not even snug on me. REALLY put my loss in perspective!
  • Height: 5'10 Starting: 255 Current: 205 (keep bouncing up from 202) Goal: 174 50lbs down in 2 years. Have moved cities, switched jobs, run in six 5ks, and signed up for a 10k. Tried out yoga, boxing, and Whole30 (twice!), but in general, just trying to stay moving.
  • Am the owner/wearer of not one but TWO two-piece bathing suits! This summer will be my first time wearing a bikini period, let alone in public. In fact, already crossed the wearing of off my list earlier, and found myself more concerned about the color of my midsection than the shape. Poor belly has never seen the light of…
  • About 50lbs down, just over two years. Slow, not so steady, and full of hurdles, but worth it seeing it.
  • Still during. May always be during. But at least getting somewhere.
  • Ran this morning in sports bra and joggers. Cross this off a running goal for 2019! Sometimes the biggest hurdles aren't the physical ones. No NSV would be complete without a bad sweaty mirror selfie with it, right? :p
  • Did my first strength training session. Now I know what the other side of my PF looks like!
  • Finally broke a 10 minute mile!
  • Didnt expect anything good from my run yesterday, but ran my fastest 2.5 consecutive miles with my FIRST EVER negative split! I haven't really ran since October, so to work back up from January to now feels great. Training for a 5k in March, and then the great 10k training begins! AND I wore a tank top to the gym! AND my…
  • It's unisex, and it is by no means loose, but I'm currently wearing a size small tshirt.
  • This is kind of a mixed one but I'm taking it. First date tonight, hadnt met before. We got on the subject of sports we used to play. After I listed mine he asked if I'd soccer or softball. When I repeated soccer, he said, Yeah, I was surprised when i heard softball, you dont have that kind of figure. Naturally I assumed…
  • A couple... Yesterday was my last 5k of 2018. I've run three this year, I including my first in June. Because of the weather, it also turned into my first mud run! Which meant there wasn't very much running... So after I got home, I went back out out and started Couch to 10k, which is my goal for 2019. Part of the 5k…
  • I had a great night. For the first time in my life, I had good friends, met a good guy, drank and danced and took pictures. When I woke up, for the first time, I didnt immediately regret the night before. I had gotten to a place where I could trust myself and the people around me. I needed to get to a place of security to…