• This past week since i have quit drinking soda, i have drank a TON of water, im going to say at least 7-8 16 oz bottles a day, im thirsty all day!
  • hmm thats interesting i wouldnt have thought to do that, do u eat it with anything or just like that?
  • the only time i have ever had something like this was at mcdonalds there fruit and yogurt parfiat and i thoguht it was really good...maybe they used vanilla yogurt? i will have to try it!
  • a lil, but thats not what bothered me the yogurt itself just wasnt very good to me, i may need to try another brand!
  • i defrosted them..it didnt taste swee enough to me but maybe i didnt put enough berries in there? this is the first time i have tried it so it might just take me getting used to it, like it did me a few times to get used to making my own oatmeal without sugar.
  • yeah i was trying to but they literally were out of all the organic yogurts so i figured id try that. i need to get some choc protein powder that would be good!
  • I will try some walnuts in it that sounds delish!
  • Sounds absolutly amazing! Im making this tommorow night!Thanks! i make this parmesan dill lemon orzo mixture as a side sometimes that sounds very similar, cant wait to try this cuz i LOVE feta!
  • Dark chocolate peanut butter dreams (its at walmart super center i know!) im sure they sell it other places, in the peanut butter section and dip strawberries, apples, bananas whatever its delish! Organic yogurt pretzels and dark choc covered almonds! Low fat ice cream and icecream bars. You can make cakes with apple sauce…
  • you definitly need to eat something to start ur metabolism up for the day so i would suggest something really small and light, like a yogurt or jello used to make these smoothie things like yogurt thats what i used to eat in the morning before school ( 8 am class) and at 6:45 am i did not want to eat lol so i would eat…
  • Thats awesome, i need ur willpower ive been terrible lately!
  • i just recently starting wondering about the same thing, i dont want to eat a yogurt with artificial sweetners that make it lower cal or lower fat cuz if its not natural its not clean and im trying to eat clean, so i guess im going to try the Stonyfield yogurts next time i go to the store and see how i like those.
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  • I use rotisserie chicken from the store, then add spinach, tomatos, reduced fat feta, black olives, and balsamic vinegar!Delish Then i do the same chicken, low fat cheddar, and salsa and heat it like a burrito!
  • kinda off subject but this makes me think of what people must think of my cart when they see a combo of mine and my kids healthy foods (fresh veggies and fruits low fat cheeses whole grain breads and pastas etc) and then my husbands poptarts, waffles, white bread and ramen noodles lol, i just wish i could get him to see…
  • how did u change it, cuz i need to as well!
  • I gained 10 lbs in a few months on depo by the time it was time for another one i decided to go for a different form. I just remember being sooo hungry at night and just devouring ice cream. It was like 8 years ago. I did the nuva ring and i loved it, i had no side effects on it, and i lost the weight i had gained when i…
  • Wow u look amazing! Ur drive and motivation absolutly inspires me! SOmetimes i feel like i will never reach my goal but when i see other people who have it makes me feel like hey i can do it too! Thank u so much for sharing!
  • Girl dont feel bad, they do it to me too,all my inlaws got me clothes, jammies whatever and for the past few years have bought me larges in the missy department...im 25...i shop in jrs...it really hurts my feelings every time they do it. so i understand.
  • i know a way to get alot of water weight off in one day, is dont eat any more than about 30 grams of carbs the day before, if i do this then i weigh 5 lbs less the next day...no lie!
  • My mom got me a new pair of nikes some really cute running shoes for $38 from Kohls...and after % taken off for power hour and she had some kohls bucks too she got them for super cheap!They have new balance for a good price too!
  • thats awesome!!congrats...ps i loved maternity jeans they were soooo comfy lol!
  • You will be great! Dont worry! U have accomplished something amazing!I understand feeling nervous becuz public speaking scares the crap out of me but its mind over matter it really is!Just get prepared and just be candid and talk to them how u would talk to a friend, that puts everyone at ease!
  • im actually doing the same thing, trying to get songs for my ipod my hubbys getting me, especially work out ones but here is some of my fav. hit the floor - pitbull eye of the tiger-rocky smooth criminal- alien ant farm numb- linkin park (or any song by them for that matter) 99 problems-jay z when i grow up-*****cat dolls…
  • oooo thats sounds great too!![ I used to make these take fat free cool whip and organic peanut butter and mix it together then portion it into cupcake tins and squeeze smuckers sugar free or any sugar free choc syrup on them and freeze them, they are like frozen peanut butter cups, they are sooo good!quote] You are my most…
  • i am also a choc peanut butter addict and this stuff is AMAZING omg seriously u have to get it, eat it on apples, bananas, or strawberries!
  • i just found this info The amount of calories you burn weight lifting depends on your weight, the intensity of your weight training, and the duration (and your age, to some extent, but this is less important.) A 180 lb male performing 60 minutes of weight training with vigorous effort (meaning little or no rest periods…
  • i add it under circuit training...i figure thats close enough, i dont take breaks in between so i figure thats kinda like circuit training? possibly look it up on another site and add it urself?as far as shoulders those are the only ones i know too..
  • i would totally go with the gym membership, i used to have a elliptical and i hardly ever used it cuz it was just boring, i love goin to the gym for classes, thats what keeps me motivated!
  • thats great! healthy eating habits at a young age is SOOO important! Im crazy about it with my kids. Part of the reason i have such a hard time with my weight now is becuz when i was young i ate so horribly(my mom eats horrible she is super picky) and due to fast metabolism i didnt gain weight but NOW it hit me so its def…
  • Sorry i have been MIA!!!Ive been slacking hardcore! Just started back my diet today i have been working out here and there im still where i was soo boo but today was a great day! Gonna do some abs before bed!