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  • Best feeling in the world :) when I'm stuck I get less and less motivated but when I see a little loss I feel so encouraged! Also, when I read about YOUR succssses I feel more motivated too! :)
  • I think I had quite a few days/ nights like that where I ended up splurging a bit. It takes time to fully adjust to this lifestyle, because that's what it is, a lifestyle, and I think it really helps to allow yourself some space to have these "flawed" days because it's unavoidable on the road towards being completely…
  • I really admire the fact that you've fully recognised your crutches and what's been holding you back and have committed to going forward, towards health and feeling happier! Your advantage is that you've done this before so you KNOW that it works for you and that it takes some time getting used to it. You'll do it again…
  • Great summary! So much of succes relies on being able to reflect on what worked and what didn't. A splurge can so set us back but we can always come back. Looking forward to your next update!
  • Big changes indeed! We're with you :) This is by far the most supportive group I've come across, so welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll love it here! "The amount of food I can eat in a small amount of time would shock and amaze you" :D I hear you! I used to spend so much effort trying to eat tiny snacks and tiny meals all day…
  • A 1 kilo loss is huge though! I thought any faster loss is considered unsafe anyway so I think your results are right on point. Being comfortable and not feeling hungry is surely also a huge win, it means this is a lifestyle you can maintain! More losses will then just automatically follow :)
  • Wow, how exciting! And such a good mind set, to focus on getting there eventually and not needing everything to be perfect and demanding results right now. Yet you got results anyway!
  • Thanks @leveejohn for adding your insights! I'm not even overweight (in the middle of normal BMI, but it takes me always trying to eat at a deficit to stay there) yet I used to feel faint and awful if I didn't have food every two hours. If I stretched that to three or four hours I'd feel so jittery and nauseous that I…
  • You rock for being able to lose whilst having a splurge day and a party! Especially the fact that you've been mostly comfortable with fasting this week seems so valuable to me. We're in it for the long haul!
  • Oh, @Anneli_F , you rock, THANK YOU for explaining that! That's just the sort of clarification I need to stay motivated because honestly, I didn't understand why I've still been so hungry. And thank you for cheering me on, makes ALL the difference (especially the banana!! B) ) Today was actually 50% easier... I'm hopeful!
  • I had really lost my mojo.. I've been soooo hungry (not even coconut oil helped) for the past few days and the scales hadn't moved at all so I kind of gave up after 18.5 hours yesterday and ate without logging anything. However, this morning, after reading all the lovely and warm and inspiring posts of people in this…
  • [/quote] You and are are very similar. I'm sure we will be great OMAD friends. :) I'd love to track progress with you[/quote] Yayyy @1MADGIRL , I'd love that ! :) And hahaha, @dajoloehr , definitely feel the same! I think it's easier not to tell anyone until you can say "I've done this for months and have obviously not…
  • ^^this... I have kind of accepted that I will always have to log my food in order not to gain weight but wow, would I love for it to be less effortful...! And intuitive eating sounds so lovely! I'm not sure if I ever really was able to do that like you, @DebSozo , but perhaps if you've been able to do it before you'll be…
  • @danacbayley ah yes, I totally understand!
  • @danacbayley congratulations on your awesome results so far! What was your reason/motivation for trying OMAD? I think it helps to know what you'd like to get out of OMAD, this will also help you deal or get used to any discomfort you might experience at the start of OMAD. Some people on here (including me) still space out…
  • Thank you, the support helps :)
  • Oh, that's so good!!! Congratulations, you're doing awesome! B)
  • That's so lovely, thanks for making a quick summary for us :)
  • Bit low on mood and energy today. Did my two-meal trick to get through: small meal at 3pm then dinner at 6pm. I hope it will get easier...
  • Have you got a heart rate monitor? That would be the best way to determine how much you burn, if that's what you'd like to know?
  • That's awesome :) you can walk regardless of weather and your mood!
  • Welcome Danica, what a great result you've already had so far!
  • Thank so much @ Anneli_F... I had to smile about the binge watching YouTube videos on IF, I just did that this afternoon whilst my son was napping :) Great (and so obvious, had I thought of it) suggestion: eating before baking. Yep. Onto that one! So strange how I don't feel that I could possible be eating under 1200…
  • Thanks @blambo_61! I'm drinking herbal tea and only two cups of coffee so I would think I'm ok in regards to caffeine, I'll keep it in mind though.
  • Sparkling water with a tiny slice of lime and half a tsp stevia (under 3 calories altogether), it tastes like a cocktail to me :wink:
  • Yikes, I ended up eating after 18 hours yesterday because I was so low on energy and I kind of found myself grabbing any protein I could get my hands on. I then had cookie dough (I was baking cookies with my son, bit of a challenge whilst attempting to fast but I need to be able to do mother-stuff as well!) and ate quite a…
  • This is all so inspiring!! Anneli, I love that food plate picture, it looks so good...a reminder to myself to include healthy fats. I will look into the ACV, I've read a few people on here talk about it... I admire how you got yourself back on track with a long fast, wow. Such good feedback and advice on here from…
  • Thanks @ DebSozo, the encouragement helps so much!
  • We'll all drag you past the 45 days, this is such a supportive forum, it might just make all the difference!
  • Yes, but to a super newbie like me 11 days is a whole lot of progress! :)