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  • Thanks for your feedback. I like the idea of just extending the length of one of the weekly runs and doing speed intervals on the other days.
  • Rather than just copying and pasting the same advice in various forum threads, why don't you read what the OP has said? She doesnt need to lose weight, rather she is on the border of disordered eating and body image. Your post is totally unhelpful!
  • I go for Fibre and Calcium. Fibre is useful as it helps you choose 'filling' foods. Calcium is important for womens' health and some studies have shown it aids weight loss.
  • Is it weird to say 'no'? If you have lost weight (and 55 lbs is LOTS!) even just maintaining that loss is a victory and puts you in the top 3% of 'dieters' (or 'lifestyle changers' before someone bites my head off!). And slow progress is still progress in the right direction. Well done you!
  • Forget about weight, height, BMI etc. THIS phrase is the red flag, and you know yourself that you are starting to have an issue with food. The same thing happened to me last year. I got addicted to the control of losing weight and lost perspective. Like you, I denied to others that I was still trying to lose when I really…
  • Mmm... maybe you stopped because it wasn't a sustainable way of eating in the long term? I think the best lesson from these past weight loss and regain experiences might be that low carb isn't for you!
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  • Well I don't know about 'speed work'... what I'm really saying is that I would like to continue to do 30 minute runs, but to keep the same feeling of motivation I had while I was doing the C25K... I'm worried I'll get bored and I don't think just running for longer is the solution...
  • Yeah, definitely, thanks for the feedback.... It's good to know it is a do-able jump. I dont have access to a treadmill though, so it will be trickier to control my speed
  • EXACTLY! But I can't seem to find anyone who has actually DONE this! That's what I'm looking for...
  • Varying the route isn't a bad idea... throwing in some more hills, for example!
  • Thanks, but, as I mentioned, I'm not really interested in increasing my distance. I am specifically looking for ways to increase my speed. I should also mention I dont have a smartphone or anything like that... just an ipod!
  • Thanks, I'll look into that!
  • First, your English is excellent! Second, if the treats are regular and you want to have them, I like the idea of assuming you're going to have one 4 times a week and building them in to your plan. Then, if you dont have them you have extra cals to spend how you like. BUT, if you don't want these treats and would prefer to…
  • Yeah, I've come across the Bridge to 10k programme, but I don't know if I can commit to hour long sessions. Also, I've heard that it is better to keep running 5Ks for a few months or so before building up to longer distances. Any other feedback out there?
  • I'm coming up to my final run of week 9 and amazed at my progress, and at how much I enjoy it. What I love is having a way to measure my progress that isn't just about weight. Any tips on how to keep progressing when the programme ends? I've thought about working on speed... maybe redoing from week 1 but alternating slower…
  • Yeah, no need, apart from the fact he'll still lose weight eating more, plus probably enjoy it more and be better able to stick to it long term...!
  • Well, whatever you enjoy, I'd say! And if you can get more nutritional 'bang' for your buck then all the better. Some examples: Switch from skim to full fat milk (some studies show you absorb the nutrients from the milk better that way) Add a handfull of nuts to your morning banana snack (will help stabilize your blood…
  • Tell us two or three vegetables you'd like to spice up. It is easier to help with specifics. In terms of the lettuce leaves, it's a matter of personal taste, some are more bitter, others more sweet. The darker the leaf, the more nutritious, in general. It is really important you find foods you LOVE to eat for your weight…
  • Agreed. If you've been overeating for years, sometimes just logging your food makes you realise how much you can eat of healthy, nutrition dense food and still lose weight. If you can build in treats too, all the better. Your aim should be to find a way of eating you can sustain for the rest of your life, not just to lose…
  • Just take it slow and you'll be fine. It's a psychological thing more than a physical one. And be prepared for how tough week 6 run 1 is! That was a big shock for me :) I'm now on the last run of week 8 and am absolutely stunned how far I have come with this perfectly designed programme. Stick with it, it is totally worth…
  • Have two breakfasts and a late lunch (around 2).
  • I actually weigh... never! I trust that being active and monitoring my food intake will give noticeable results (with time and patience!). What gives me satisfaction is feeling more comfortable in my body, looking better in photos, and my clothes fitting better. Weight is just background noise that drives you crazy. Throw…
  • You've clearly never lived in Spain! Large, late lunch around 2 or 3, then a snack for dinner around 10pm. I much prefer it!
  • I mix them with chick peas, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. Yum! If you're feeling more adventurous you can grate them, bind them into patties with flour, egg (and optional feta cheese) and fry up little veggie burgers :)
  • In the party food situation I often find it is easier not to eat anything than to try to take just a bit. Once I start I can't' stop! Face away from the food, focus on the conversation, and keep your hands full (a glass and a purse should do it!)
  • Just did w6d1 on Monday and it was horrible! Why?! I guess my body was still in shock from the 20 min run... I felt like I'd gone 3 steps back, but I trust in the programme. Hoping w6d2 is better!
  • I eat raw porridge oats mixed into greek yoghurt or fromage frais with banana, crumbled walnuts and a dash of maple syrup. It's amazing. Don't know if it is any better for you (maybe it takes longer to digest?) but in the summer cooked oats arent quite so appealing.
  • Being disgusted by women is gross IMHO
  • It wasn't a conclusion, just a thought... whatever the meaning behind your username, I maintain that losing and regaining weight and feeling like you are out of control are often symptoms of overly restrictive diets and short term thinking. A 2lbs a week goal is pretty high, which is why I would advise starting with…
  • I just noticed your user name is 'Beautyfrompain'. I think this attitude could be the source of your yo-yo-ing. Weight loss is challenging, but it doesn't have to be torture. Losing 2 pounds a week on a starvation diet may work in the short term, but you have to find a way to eat that you can enjoy for the rest of your…