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  • 1st and foremost -- people who don't re-rack weights. I have a home gym now, but at the time of day I used to go to the gym I was the only guy there. Many times there were older people there who wanted to use the leg press machine, or maybe the smith but couldn't because there was too much weight on it for them to get it…
  • It depends on how much you eat and whether you stay in a calorie deficit. You could do 0 minutes a day of added exercise and still lose weight, given you're eating less than you burn.
  • Tanktop, shorts, towel, barefeet, water bottle, walkman and newspaper.
  • You're making it harder than it needs to be. When you put your stats and activity level, MFP calculates about how much it takes for you to maintain (TDEE/Maintenance). Then when you put in your weekly goal of loss it figures out how many calories to take off your TDEE to lose your goal. So, hypothetically: A person puts in…
  • JJ Beach Club, #12. Always my go to. That's the one thing I miss about going to the office, I miss the cafe and all of the fresh options they had.
  • ^^^^This is because of the below
  • Also, not in "getting started" go to health and fitness.
  • Are you stating that with IF it's possible to eat in a surplus and lose weight.....cuz when that happens....ya, people are going to call that out. Like Jane said IF isn't a contrast to CICO, but rather another tool to manage your intake and get to your deficit...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • When I flipped though the thread here I didn't notice your calorie goals. When you "eat in a deficit", what is your goal intake? 1200, 1500, 2000?
  • Like Jane said, MFP works off of Neat which assumes you are going to eat any added exercise calories back. When you enter in your stats and activity level, that activity level should not include added exercise. If it does, then you're using the tool for TDEE and should not eat those cals back. It looks like of like this:…
  • A popular misconception, but no...no it didn't. MFP is a calculator. It takes your inputs (ht/wt/gender/goal/ect...) and runs it through an equation and spits out a number....that number is to hit the goal you entered + your stats to figure out a calorie goal, and MFP "bottoms" out a 1200 for females. If you put in an…
  • Nope, I usually listen to sports talk radio on a little walkman (yes, they still have those). If that bugs you, sorry.
  • That's exactly what I was wondering.
  • Let's look at it this way. To lose 1lb per week you need to have a total weekly deficit of 3500 calories or 500 calories per day. Hypothetically you enter in your stats and it spits out a TDEE of 2000 calories, so the tool give you a goal of 1500 calories per day (assuming you do no added exercise as it isn't added as part…
  • Just throwing it out there.....nobody is "hiding behind the disagree button". We just know how it works and that if poster already replied...we're just supposed to hit the disagree and move one. That way we don't have strings of posts making the same point, someone gets butthurt, reports for getting piled on and the thread…
  • Dude you don't need to fast, or cut.... You're about my height and I needed to "recomp" from about 165 to 172 to really see solid definition. That's 30 to 40 lbs heavier than what you're at. Figure out maintenance, slight deficit, make sure you're on a solid progressive overload program and have patience. My recomp took a…
  • If you don't mind me asking....what was your calorie goal when you were tracking calories.
  • Watching TV this morning and a PF commercial came on. Have they changed their identity? It wasn't a commercial poking fun at anyone....heck they even showed a guy running on a treadmill in a tank top; which I thought was against corporate dress code??
  • Uh...ya, I don't think it's that he got kicked out, but rather how.
  • Honestly...no, no it's not. It's a marketing strategy. It's to prey on and perpetuate the stereo type that all gyms BESIDES Planet Fitness are full of judgy mcjudgertons (ironic...I know) that put way too much time and effort into exercise all while being caricatured as morons.
  • I would re-think this strategy. Per your numbers you're only netting between 700 and 950 calories per day. That's not a great recipie. Then your low net may be accurate.... If you're starting to see more definition, then you're losing fat. Like I said above though, I'd be careful with the goal of netting so little.
  • A couple of questions: A ) Are you eating back exercise calories back? B ) How are you measuring your 1250 calories? Are you weighing everything? C ) If your numbers are remotely correct, I doubt that you gained appreciable muscle....especially that would show on the scale. Your deficit would just be too steep. It's…
  • Those aren't very accurate either. Anything that just utilizes sensors can be used as a "guideline" at best. Just a change in hydration can throw those things off. People are asking because it's hard.....I mean like really....really hard (especially when close to to lose fat and gain muscle. It takes an on point diet and…
  • IDK, I think they do a pretty good job painting that picture by themselves... ^^^ because this.
  • Nobody attacked you. Uh, ya they are....expecially if you're grossing only 800-1000 calories. If that's true, than you're probably netting close to zero, which I would consider pretty far off the recommendation.