Why did I gain 2 pounds overnight?



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    Thank you for your concern. I am eating enough, I feel full every day. My biggest thing now is to listen to my body and I eat when I feel hungry. I have just become vegetarian (Thanksgiving 2019) the weight didn’t come off all at once, I have been working on weight loss for years now. What started my -1 pound a day was changing my beliefs! (Believe it or not) it was around the same time I gave up meat. Something inside clicked and I said, “I’m worth it!” So I began caring for myself not because I wanted to be skinny (even in my teens as a size 4, I have always had a huge bottom and have come to terms with the fact that I am very curvy and will never be “skinny” ) I’m 5’4 and very overweight. So I started by cutting portions to kids sized plates, wasn’t counting calories then just watching portions (over the course of about a year I lost 20-30 pounds or so) then last thanksgiving, I started watching steps (10k was my goal) but after a week of making that I added MyFitnessPal and began counting every calorie. As a SAHM of 3 homeschooled littles I’m always busy so I knew I had to do it at home. So I began running while I was doing dishes (it is apparently very funny because for the first few days I had my whole family laughing 😂) but I stuck with that and got down under 200 around the first of this month! That motivated me on a whole new level ( I made a promise to my body to not ever see THAT number again.) water fasts are healthy and again, I always listen to my body, on that 5 day fast I was aiming for 7 days but started feeling dizzy so I ate vegetable soup then moved on to fruit and veggies the next day. I know the actual fat I personally carry is from my emotions. That’s what I’ve been working on. I’m not obsessed with losing weight for others, I’m focused on getting healthy for me. So I will not hurt my body anymore than I did in the past (by allowing my emotions to be pushed down by food.) I only wrote this to see if anyone experienced anything similar. Thank you to the person who suggested maybe I need to wait til I have a bowl movement (there’s just no nice way of saying that is there 😂) because I did eat “heavy” food yesterday compared to the standard salad and veggies! (The kids wanted pizza so I had two slices and had a cupcake with them so that was a lot of processed food high in sugar too now that I’m thinking of it! Also, I drink a TON of water to help rid toxins that I know I have built up. I run so much but not all at once, like a mile here, two miles there throughout the day when I have time because it relaxes me, I put in my earphones and just zone out ❤️ I also track everything! 😂 my phone looks like I’m a scientist or something with all my graphs. I can see what I eat, how much I eat, when I exercise and all that. Maybe I’ll start to ease my calories back up but now that I’m at peace emotionally, I don’t have the urge to over eat. It reminds me of Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager (the best Star Trek EVER!) when she says she doesn’t require nourishment at this time. Anyway, thank you again for replying. You are all so sweet to have answered so wholeheartedly. 🤗 😘

    Just because you don't feel hunger doesn't mean you are eating enough. Calculate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) with this calculator - https://tdeecalculator.net/. It will tell you approximately how many calories you would need to eat daily to MAINTAIN your current weight.

    One pound = 3500 calories, so for a healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week, you should aim for a deficit of 500-1000 calories a day. For example, if your TDEE is 2500 calories, you should eat 1500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week, or 2000 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week.

    You said you run while you are doing dishes. Are you running in place? How does that equate to 4-8 miles?
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    Deep breath everyone.

    It really doesn't matter whether the Op runs the way we understand runs, or any other way.

    Her loss record indicates that she is in an extremely steep and unsustainable therefore unhealthy (due to its size) deficit.

    Appreciable results worth protecting so far.

    Time to get smart and set up for the future. both to protect these results and to achieve even better ones.

    Current course of action un-modified and unmoderated leads to either rebound weight gain or death from starvation.

    So modification and achieving good results for the future is probably a better way to move forward!

    Thanks for not simply attacking me. (If I was someone on the verge of an eating disorder as someone mentioned those replies may just make it worse) I only posted out of curiosity of my original question. My calories really aren’t that far off the recommendation but I do just feel full. Some days I do one meal and other days I break it down and even include snacks!

    Do you have any advice on higher calorie meals that aren’t as filling?

    On a side note about my runs, yes you can run in place while doing dishes but I also go outside and run around the block each day.

    I was not going to reply again because people on here just seem mean and Uninviting but decided to check one more time and your reply seemed to come from a nice place and just wanted to say thank you for that.
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    It's totally normal for weight to fluctuate by up to several pounds daily. When I was younger, I would typically retain 6 pounds of water with my monthlies. Lycra and yoga pants hadn't been invented yet, so it really sucked, lol! Try weighing yourself every morning and evening to see trends. A note on all the folks saying you need more calories: If you are eating WFPB with zero added processed oils and lots of veggies, it is possible to get adequate vitamins, minerals, and proteins around 1,000 calories, maybe 1,200. And you can seriously stay quite full on such a diet due to the high amount of fiber. The remaining calories you need come from fat stores. So if that's you, more power to you. But.... if you're doing some version of portion control with standard American fare, listen to the advice to eat more.
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    Anyway a good amount of protein to aim for is around 0.8 to 1 gram per pound of body weight you're targeting within the normal weight range (call it BMI 25 if nothing else comes to mind)

    Healthy fats for a woman would be around point 35 grams per pound of body weight as above

    Fibre would be around 27g I believe for ladies and more usually doesn't hurt people!

    Would definitely start using a weight trend application though I believe that some version of MFP now uses one too(?) Usual ones are happy scale for iPhone, libra for Android, and I personally use trendweight.com which I initially had connected to a free Fitbit account for data entry before owning a device.

    The first post in every section has got the stickied threads.

    In addition to chatter there is a lot of knowledge in some of these threads.

    You've done great there's no question and this is something very important for you.

    You've got to build on that and protect it.

    If it doesn't feel like something you can do for the long-term, then it probably is not going to help you get there and stay there long-term.