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    Jimmy John's Beach (something, can't remember the whole name) Unwich. So good!

    JJ Beach Club, #12. Always my go to.

    That's the one thing I miss about going to the office, I miss the cafe and all of the fresh options they had.
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    Salads, but watch what they put on it if you can't request ingredients. Make sure you get dressing, if you use it, on the side and don't use it all (usually what they give you is way more than enough for 1 salad). Skip cheese since they might tend to put a ton on. Grilled chicken sandwiches (don't eat the bun or at least the entire bun). Ask for whole grain bread/bun if that is an option. Skip fries (or only eat a few and save the rest for another meal) and get fruit, veggies or a side salad if you need something else with a sandwich. Grilled tenderloin. Lean meats. Also, watch how much you eat. Depending on the dish like salads, burrito bowls or similar items they give you more than enough than you need to eat for one portion. Eat part of it and save the rest for the next day or 2. If you get a sandwich with say, slicked turkey or ham, most times the amount of meat they put on is more than one serving, usually 2, 3 or 4 depending on the restaurant. Remove the extra and save for future sandwiches or salads.
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    Taco Bell's Chicken Power Menu Bowl is only 470 Calories (including the dressing) and I find it satisfying and filling.

    Any of the Subway Fresh Fit Subs can be healthy. I usually get a footlong Oven Roasted Chicken on Wheat with cheese, spinach, cucumbers, banana peppers and Subway Vinaigrette. Its only 680 calories for the whole sub. I usually eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner or lunch the next day.

    Wendy's has some good choices. You can mix & match a sour cream & chive baked potato (310 calories), small chili (240 calories), 4 piece nugget (170 calories), or a half salad (290-340 calories) to make a meal. I'm also a fan of their limited time Summer Strawberry Salad (530 calories with 2 dressing packs).