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  • Have you had a workout regimen before starting keto? Is your goal fat loss? I would recommend eating keto first to have your body become acclimated to this way of eating..don't worry about calories for a week (or two, depending how you feel) and then you can start adding in training...and see where you are after a few…
  • It’s been one week since going back on prep. I haven’t trained at all, no cardio and no lifting. Just focusing on diet and getting my body back to normal. I’m at 123.4. I think I gained a good solid 2 pounds since doing this diet break. Not too bad of a set back. After everything is said and done, i highly recommend going…
  • @2t9nty I need to do more research, but the article states that there is a rather large association between health factors and the ratio. He is not stating that a high omega 6/omega 3 ratio causes anything. He states when there are diseases and cancers and other metabolic disorders, the high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is…
  • Thank you. And regarding hard science on the omega-6/omega-3 ratio, I found this study: Conclusion and Recommendations from the author: "A balance existed between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids during the long evolutionary history of the genus Homo [34]. During…
  • I don't understand how my points have "some validity"? Sure the grain fed beef had 30mg more omega-3 than grass-fed, but we both agree that the omega-6:omega-3 ratio is what's important. People should aim for 2:1 ratio of omega-6:omega-3. And what's 30mg more, when grain fed beef has a ratio of 670:103 and grass fed has a…
  • Okay guys, so ever since I have read this post, I have TOTALLY & UTTERLY immersed myself in research regarding peanut butter, and Omega 3s and Omega 6s. I will share with you all what I have learned: First of all, 99% of peanut butter out there is junk. This is because they mix the nuts with partially hydrogenated oils and…
  • Yes adapting back was a little rough, but I think I'm back in. Weighed in at 125 pounds this morning. So far, down 5 pounds from the carb up.
  • Competition prep starts today! Weighing in at 127 pounds. I think I am still holding onto some water from the weekend. This break has been fun, but I am more focused now than ever to stick with this prep and to step on stage in a few months.
  • I understand why Paleo would not eat peanuts but I’m talking purely on the LCHF side
  • I haven’t seen anything in the Launchpad that says peanuts are not preferred or that many people try to avoid it. Can you please link some articles regarding this? I’d like to read them please... considering I eat about 2-4 tablespoons of peanut butter and almond butter per day.
  • Wait...why are peanuts excluded for LCHF?? Or cashews for that matter. Sure cashews are higher carb, but if it you make it fit your macros, why not?
  • Has anyone read Lyle Mcdonald's The Ketogenic Diet book?
  • LOL I banished my scale after I saw the number. I know my body was in shock from the carbs and sodium, and I shouldn't take the number to heart...but I didn't want to stress myself out by looking at a number that's guaranteed to be high after eating what I did. This is supposed to be a diet break after all, and worrying…
  • I thought I was the only one who did this lol we had leftover donuts and Mexican sweet bread from the party...I tossed it all and I don't feel bad lol
  • @swezeytba I agree. While it was nice to enjoy the same foods everyone else was eating, I have to say it's not worth the extra cravings and overall sluggish feeling. Plus I'm sick! I never ever get sick. Strange... Eating carbs this week made me realize that I really love the keto WOE. I will always choose peanut butter,…
  • Chiming in here! I’ve been on a strict keto competition prep since March. Needless to say, I won’t be competing this January. There have been too many weight loss stalls and with this PCOS makes it that much harder to drop fat. Instead of suffering through my birthday and special events this month, I’m deciding to take a…
  • I don't do crossfit, but I do lift heavy weights and keto hasn't affected me. Granted, I have been eating keto for almost 3 years now... If you are making the switch to keto, it will result in a drop in strength as you transition, but you should be back up to normal and making PR's in no time. Is Crossfit a form of HIIT…
  • I’ve been eating chunk light tuna every single day since starting this that’s about 8 months worth of tuna every day. I’m still alive and i don’t think I’m neurologically impaired... it’s scary to read those warnings but as the above poster said, you can damn near find at least one reason to not eat every single…
  • @Christine_72 Thank you! What flavors do you recommend?
  • I just visited the Myprotein website and they don’t ship to the US? :(
  • Hey girl! I'm keto and am prepping for my first bodybuilding competition! Feel free to add me too :smile:
  • @kpk54 If you liked the Quest Peanut Butter, you have to try the Dymatize Iso100 Peanut Butter! Quest was my go-to but after trying Dymatize, I can't go back. It tastes like natural peanut butter :yum:
  • It's not Wednesday, but I weigh in Mondays and Thursdays. Thought this would be a cool addition since I'm prepping and I'm trying to make stage weight. 5'3.5" 28 years old been keto 2.5 years now... SW: 138 (March 2017) CW: 123.4 GW: 117 (By January 2018)
  • My go-to protein powder is Dymatize Iso100 Peanut Butter flavor! I've been eating this stuff everyday for the past 8 months. Still not tired of it. Also, I make my shakes with water sometimes (hey, I'm on poverty macros due to contest prep) and it still tastes good. That says a lot about a protein powder. Plus, they're…
  • No advice here either unfortunately! I've always dealt with the pesky pimple here and there before keto. After keto, I hardly ever break out. If I do, it's due to stress.
  • @kpk54 I’m in a deficit since I’m prepping for a show in January. Lifting 5x per week and 30 min cardio 5x a week (other than that, I’m very sedentary).
  • Here we go!! 6 months progress. I took a diet break for a full month from August-September. Came back with a renewed determination. You want to know what’s crazy? I’ve been eating the same amount of calories the whole time from May-now (not counting the diet break). Didn’t lower macros.
  • I agree with everyone else here, if you have a limited amount of calories, BPC is not the way to go... you can have way more satiating meals with the same amount of calories. BUT unlike the majority here, I actually do love how it tastes. When I would make it, I’d use grass fed butter, MCT oil and a splash of heavy cream…
  • Are these Cello Whisps really as great as everyone says they are? I have yet to find them. All I've seen are Moon Cheese, which are good! But expensive as well.
  • Hi everyone! Another 3 weeks down, looks like I’ll be ready for my January show (hopefully!) *crosses fingers* pictures are one month apart. And only 2 pounds difference each picture. Don’t rely on just the scale for progress! Take pictures!