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  • You're asking for people to share photos of their butts but you haven't posted yours? Sounds like someone fishing for photos of other people. Creepy.
  • I did t25 after I had my son. It was convenient because it's done at home and it was short enough to get done while he was napping. I had great results but my diet was also on point.
  • You might like the fitbit charge HR. It does the traditional fitbit functions like counting steps, etc. but it also has a HR feature which would recognize when you were doing more strenueous exercises (whether they involve running like your normal fitbit would). As far as a more specific HR monitor the polar ones are great…
  • Hi! You absolutely don't need to focus on cardio first! You can start lifting at any point in your journey and the benefits will be endless. Everyone is right when they say that the serious definition is due to diet (abs are made in the kitchen not the gym! 70% diet and 30% workouts) but you will still see a TON of results…
  • WARNING! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! What works for some doesn't work for others and vice versa! I liked it. Just liked. I couldn't get that into it. it's quick and nice if you are crunched for time but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I would not stick to their diet plan, but some diet plan of some…
  • every pregnancy and woman is so different! i was very aware of my eating/exercising during pregnancy and gained 33 lbs, and it was all off within 3 weeks. I got lucky. Don't give up! As others said, it took you 9 months to gain it, give it 9 months to come off! keep working hard and eating right!
  • A lot of people lose large amounts of weight in the beginning because of water weight from changing their eating habits. No, it was probably not all fat, but water weight and bloating also makes a big difference! Congrats!
  • I am 5'7 and 177 and wear a size 10 pant and L top... sometimes have to go to a size 12 pant depending
  • You look AHHH MAZING!!! Great job! Love your attitude as well. You deserve this!
  • I don't have one, however a friend does and she is a big fan. It tracks how far you walk all day and syncs to your MFP at the end of the day to adjust your caloric intake based on how active you were. (Since I don't have one, that's just my understanding--perhaps someone could tell you more). She loves it. I am not sold on…
  • Active Duty Army, stationed in Wiesbaden Germany.
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  • AWESOME! HHA is so fun! You look great.
  • Congrats mama! That's awesome!
  • hi!!! :) Name: Kate How many kids do you have: Just the one on the way :) Due Date: April 13, 2013 Do you know the gender: BABY BOY! Have you picked out the baby's name: Have it narrowed down to 2-3... :) Where do you live: Wiesbaden, Germany (AD Army) Workouts you are doing while pregnant: Cardio (walking, elliptical,…